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Which college has made the most Frozen Four appearances?

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Michigan has made its way to the Frozen Four 24 times, with Boston College (22) and Boston University (21) close behind.

Information current up to the 2011 Frozen Four.

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How many frozen four appearances has North Dakota made?

17 times

Which school has made the most appearances in the college World Series?

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How many final four appearances have the UConn men made?

13 times as of 2008

How many appearances has UT made in the college World Series?

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As of the end of 2007, Alabama holds the NCAA record for most bowl appearances (55) and bowl victories (31)...The Crimson Tide have posted a 31-21-3 all-time record in their 55 bowl appearances.

How many trips to the NCAA frozen four has the UND made?

The University of North Dakota has made the Frozen Four 17 times. Winning the National Championship 7 times, coming in 2nd place 5 times, 3rd place twice and 4th place four times in its history.

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What college basketball team has made the most appearances at March Madness?

Kentucky with 48. UCLA and North Carolina are tied for second with 39.

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Which team has the most ncaa tournament appearances without a final four appearance?

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How many times has the university of Pittsburgh been to the final four?

The Pittsburgh Panthers have only been to the Final Four once, as of June 2014, and that was in 1941. The Panthers have made three appearances in the Elite Eight.