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Which colony was known as New Netherland?

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In 1626, the Dutch, named the region New Netherland. Eventually, this region would be known as the colony and later the state of New York.

The english seize the dutch colony of new netherland by driving the dutch out of new netherland. P.S this might be wrong

Peter Minuit was the founder of the Delaware colony, known as New Sweden. Minuit was also the 3rd Director of New Netherland.

New Netherland was located where New York is now. New Netherland became part of New York in colonial times.

The colony of New Netherland was founded by the Dutch West India Company in 1624. The company was established in 1621.

New Jersey became a colony before England took control of New Netherland. And this is how I know: England took control of New Netherland in 1664 and New Jersey became a Colony in 1702.

The founders of New Netherland help the colony grow by offering land to anyone who brought 50 settlers to the colony.

The New Netherland colony was a Dutch colony founded in in the early 1600s. The English saw it as a threat because New Netherland was situated between the New England colonies and the English colonies in the South. In 1664, the English took over this colony.

New Netherland (now New Jersey) and New Amsterdam (now New York).

The name of the Dutch colony on the Hudson River was "New Netherland". Its principal port at the mouth of the river was "New Amsterdam", known today as New York City.

The New Netherland colony was started to take advantage of the North American fur trade. In addition to the fur trade, they later introduced some tobacco and utilized business via the rich ports that made New Netherland colony a prime location for trade.

The New York Colony was first known as New Netherland and it was owned by the Dutch. When King Charles II took over New Netherland, he gave it to his brother, the Duke of York, and renamed the colony New York in honor of his brother. Hope this helps... History is my worst subject so sry i could'nt give more info lol -TaraBelle :)

Go to for a learning experience about the New Netherland Colony during the Dutch colonial period. For a mustread, "Island at the Center of the World," by Russell Shorto, is a great explanation of the Dutch influence in our state and nation. Nancy Johnsen Curran Trustee, New Netherland Institute > New Netherland was taken over by an English duke, the Duke of York. He then named it after himself and it became New York.

The original name for New York was New Netherland.

The Dutch established their colony in New York.

The conqueror of New Sweden who later lost New Netherland to the English was Peter Stuyvesant. He would serve as the last Dutch Director-General of the colony of New Netherland from 1647.

What made New Netherlands a multiculturle colony was that they had diffrent backround and they spoke diffrent languages.

New York was origonally a Dutch colony (New Netherland). The Dutch also settled into Delaware.

His brother, the Duke of York. The Duke of York then renemed the colony 'New York'.

New Netherland (also called New Amsterdam) was a Dutch colony founded on Manhattan Island in 1614 and was renamed New York, by the British, in the late 1600's.

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