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Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was both released, and set before Kingdom Hearts II. To better understand this, think of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories as "Kingdom Hearts 1.5", with the storyline being placed directly after Kingdom Hearts, and directly before Kingdom Hearts II.

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Q: Which comes first Kingdom Hearts II or Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories?
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New kingdom heart games?

well all the games are kingdom hearts,kingdom hearts chain of memories,kingdom hearts re:chain of memories,kingdom hearts 2,kingdom hearts 2 final mix ,kingdom hearts coded ,kingdom hearts 358/2 days,and soon coming kingdom hearts birth by there is 8 total games. bbs comes out September 7th 2010!

Is it better to play the Kingdom Hearts games in chronological order or by release date?

The Kingdom Hearts series consists of many prequels and side-games. To better experience the feel of the games; it is best to play the games in the order that they were released. The games are as follows: Kingdom Hearts (PS2) Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories/RE: C.O.M. (GBA/PS2) Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (PSP) Kingdom Hearts Coded/Re:coded

Where does Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories take place?

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories is the story between the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2. After Sora, Donald and Goofy beats Ansem, they end up on this road next to grass, then they suddenly see Pluto, Mickey's pet dog, with a letter from the king. But as Pluto runs away, they lose him and doesn't know where to go. Then a man in a coat appears, and he talks about a castle. That's where they end up in the story, Castle Oblivion, this is a special castle where the further you go inside, the more memories you lose. Sora first goes in to find Riku, but ends up trying to find Namine, a girl he knew in Destiny Islands and fighting people from Organization XIII. Although he does find Riku, Riku's heart has changed. In the end, Sora finds Namine, but Namine traps Sora in a pod, where he sleeps, and then that's where Kingdom Hearts 2 comes in.

What is the chronology of Kingdom Hearts 3D?

I believe it comes after Kingdom Hearts 2, though I can be wrong.

What do you do for fun after you beat Kingdom Hearts?

Play Kingdom Hearts 2 and wait until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. Hope that helps! =D

What game comes after Kingdom Hearts?

The game that comes directly after Kingdom Hearts in terms of release date and relation to the plot is Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. and after that is kingdom hearts 2. AND THEY ARE MAKING 2 MORE GAMES CALLED KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS AND KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP!!!!! and also i am not sure if they are making this one but i think there is one called kingdom hearts 3

Is key blade wars the game right after Kingdom Hearts 2?

So far nothing comes after KH2 and key blade wars is a fake game but 358/2 days before chain of memories and kh 1 and birth by sleep is 10 years before kh 1

When will Kingdom Hearts III comes out?

Kingdom Hearts III doesn't come out until next year or later this year.

What is the most popular Kingdom Hearts ever made?

the second kingdom hearts so far until the birth by sleep comes out

When is Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out i want it so bad?

Kingdom hearts 3 comes out in the U.S and U.K in 2011 and Japan 2010 but kingdom hearts 358/2 days comes out June 2009. (don't worry i can't wait either) ;)

What happens in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Nobody really knows. If your talking about Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, then you should know that that isn't Kingdom Hearts 3. You're just going to have to wait until the game comes out.

Will they do another Kingdom Hearts based on what happens after Kingdom Hearts 2?

the last answer was Wrong they will never make kingdom hearts for 360 as kingdom hearts is owned and made by Buena vista games owned by Sony and they have announced kingdom hearts 3 will be in production for the playstation 3 after final fantasy 14 comes out