Animal Testing

Which companies do animal testing?

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What companies don't use animal testing?


What percentage of cosmetic brands use animal testing?

40 per cent of companies are still using animal testing

What are some websites with interviews about animal testing?

hey well has stuff about animal testing and petitoosn and a list of companies that test =)

Are more people against animal testing than with animal testing?

In Europe there is a total ban on cosmetic animal testing. Most US companies that do not test on animals list on the package as cruelty free.

Does vichy use animal testing?

According to Vichy does use animal testing for some of its products. And it is good to keep in mind that Vichy is owned by L'Oréal Paris, one of the biggest animal testing companies on the planet.

Why do companies use animal testing?

Companies use animal testing because of the very few similarities between human and animal tissue and DNA. They think that by testing on animals before using the drug/make-up etc on humans they can diminish the possibility of the humans getting any side-effects.

Is animal testing the same as animal dissection?

No, it is not. Animal testing is when companies and factories perform tests on animals using their products to test the results. Animal dissection is like an autopsy. It is when they open up the animal to see what is inside.

What are the harmful effects of animal testing?

There are many harmful effects of animal testing. Namely, animals experience prolonged suffering and death. Also, companies continue to participate in animal testing as long as people fail to speak out against it.

Are there any brands of makeup that still using animal testing and, if so, which are they?

Not many companies use animal testing these days, although you'll find plenty of them overseas.

Who uses animal testing?

almost all countries test on animals,more then 130 companies in the world test on animal

How meany animals survive from animal testing?

If the animal survives the first attempt of death the company does to it, then they keep trying to kill it until it dies. I hate animal testing and am disgusted at how it is still legal and REQUIRED and how companies have the nerve to do it.

Are there animals used for making or testing cosmetics?

Yes, many animal byproducts are used within cosmetics and animals are routinely tested upon - even if a company claims not to support animal testing, they may use research based on animal testing by other companies or be owned by a parent company who use animal testing. Proctor & Gamble are the worst for this, they not only use animal testing but have supported grossly unethical animal testing and outright torment animals - aka Huntington Life Sciences.

Why animal testing is good?

Animal testing is not good.

Is animal testing okay?

animal testing is NOT okay

What is anmal testing?

Animal testing is were the FDA and other companies test cosmetics and medicines on animals to test their effectivness and to see if they cause any illness or poisoning.

Does Marc Jacobs animal test?

Yes. According to several sites that list companies that do and do not do animal testing, Marc Jacobs is listed on the "DO TEST" list.

Who does animal testing effect?

I'm not sure animal testing really affects anything. I know that some companies test their products on animals, like deodorant, perfume, makeup etc. They do that to make sure it is safe to use on humans.It is inhumane!!! They need to stop. These companies test on animals. Please stop buying their products until they stop testing.:

Why animal testing is right?

Animal testing isn't right.

Where is animal testing done?

Pretty much anywhere that needs products or compounds tested. Universities have animal testing for a variety of purposes, to evaluate the effect of nutritional and behaviorial protocols, along with potential drug testing. Also universities have animal-testing to develop genetic modification protocols. Corporations also conduct animal testing. Drug companies have to prove that their drugs are safe on animals before the FDA will allow them to test the drugs on humans. Cosmetics companies also have labs to test the amount of irritation and toxicity of their products. Pet food companies also conduct testing to determine the best formulas for animal food products. While cosmetics companies have come under fire for the amount of suffering inflicted on animals for the testing of products which seem to have minimal health risks or benefits to people, remember that the majority of animal testing puts animals in no more pain and suffering than if they were raised for food. Laboratory animals are typically euthanized at the end of their productive lifespans, usually by carbon dioxide gas or injection, much as you would put down a pet.

What is the difference of abuse testing and animal testing?

Animal testing you need it, if not they would test humans,

Where can you find animal testing graphs?

Animal testing graphs on how many die and get injured go to ..... not graphs but figure which will help....

When did animal testing began?

Animal testing began in the 17th Century.

Who are the stakeholders against animal testing?

people who are against animal testing.

Is hunting just as bad as animal testing?

no it is not as bad then animal testing

Why does animal testing occur?

Animal testing occurs because companies need to test products and if they do it on humans and is goes wrong then they can get sued. Also they need to know if the object works safely and to make sure humans don't get harmed