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Which computer is best HP or Dell?

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Technically, HP has higher quality than Dell, while Toshiba has even better quality than HP.

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hp because i have it and well i have at and it is really fast and an extremly safe computer

HP, Toshiba and Dell are the brand name that offers the best computer cases.

The HP and the Dell are the best brand names of the pointing computer devices.

If the processor and memory components from the Dell motherboard are also used, it is possible to put a Dell motherboard into an HP computer.

Some of the best desktop computers are made by Dell, HP, Apple, and IBM. In my experience, if you are looking for a reliable desktop computer, go with Dell or HP.

I say Dell is better than HP but both are good.

An HP computer is a personal computer (PC.) So are Dell computers, Asus, and Lenovo.

No. Dell and HP are totally different companies. However, HP bought the Compaq computer line in 2006 and merged them within the HP company. Now, HP and Compaq computers are sold as one whole product line.

Doesn't matter what the make is - you should decide which computer is best for your needs - by comparing the specifications of the machine !

Acer is the biggest computer manufacturer each year..probualy dell or hp.

Dell Sony hp Apple Mb made by foxconn

Dell and HP are largest nowadays.

Looking at, arguably the best online retailer for computers and computer related equipment, Dell computers are cheaper on the whole than HP. A few models serve as outliers, for instance, some HP models are cheaper than some Dell models, but as a whole Dell is usually cheaper.

Best value for a computer would possibly be an HP, or Dell. It kind of depends what kind of money you have to spend for me to answer.

the best computer company in the world is apple 4.hp 5.acer

The Dell computer is one of the big name known brand of computers. Ditto the HP computer. The differences really depend on what you are looking for as both brands have many variations and different prices.

Yes you can, the connections are universal.

If we talking about an destop PC. My advice is to avoid manufacture brands like HP or dell and find a computer shop that will build you one. But for laptops Dell anyday. I have a HP laptop and PC and they are nothing but trouble. They are built cheap, have hardware and software glitches and getting firmware for them is a pain in the but. I would say find a small company for laptops too, both my dell and hp laptops are glitchy, plus all the bloatware is just plain annoying. I bought a kaptop from a local computer company, banyan computers, and its the best money ive spent on a computer. everything from costomer service to the product is better than what ive experienced with dell or hp.

well, if it is a laptop, then either hp laptops or dell laptops. If it were a computer, then either dell or fujitsu or imacs.

I want to either buy a computer from Dell or HP but HP computers operate AMD Athlon whereas Dell operate Intel can I know the differences?

It depends what you'll use it for. But overall, I'd pick HP.

HP printers are compatible with most other brands of computer systems, including Dell, as long as the computer's printer port is compatible. New HP printers use a USB cable, which is compatible with most newer Dell computers.

It's HP, followed by Dell and Acer