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Which constellations are visible from both north and south America?


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The constellations along or near the ecliptic, including the constellations of the Zodiac, are visible from most of north and south america. At high latitudes in either direction, the equatorial constellations will be pretty low on the horizon and may not be visible unless the terrain is fairly flat, or from high elevations such as mountain peaks.

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The constellations near the plane of the ecliptic (the zodiacal constellations) are only visible at certain times of the year. The constellations towards the poles (N and S) are visible at all times of the year from their respective hemispheres. In the South, the Southern Cross would be one example and in the North the Great Bear (or plough) would be another.

There are completely different constellations on South sky. Behind the equator there is no Northern star visible.

Circumpolar constellations are visible all year long, depending on where you are viewing them from. At the north pole, or the south pole, some constellations are visible year-round, these are the circumpolar constellations. On the equator, there are no circumpolar constellations because of the earths rotation, that is why circumpolar constellations are at the "poles". Some of the circumpolar constellations can also be viewed from other parts of the same hemisphere, such as the big dipper and the little dipper, although they are circumpolar, they are also seen in other parts of the northern hemisphere. Circumpolar constellations in the northern hemisphere, will never be seen at the south pole, and vice versa. I hope this helped.

Of course -- you are looking at a different part of the sky so there are constellations visible in the southern latitudes that are not visible in the northern latitudes and vice versa.

They are constellations which are near the celestial North and South Poles: that is, ones which are above the earth's poles.

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It would have to be north to have that term applied. All of North America is north of the equator, and most of South America is south of the equator.

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They are the constellations at the celestial north & south poles - Ursa Minor (the little bear) is at the celestial North Pole and the Southern Cross is a constellation near the celestial South Pole.

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