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Only the United States does, as it is a celebration held by a minority.

It isn't celebrated in outher countries, because it is the equivalent to the "American heritage month" which would be nonsense.

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Q: Which countries and cultures celebrate hispanic heritage month?
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Which hispanic countries celebrate their independence during hispanic heritage month?

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What do people celebrate in the us between September 15 and October 15?

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the diverse backrounds and cultures of Americans who have traced their heritage to multiple different countries.

What does hispanic day celebrate?

hispanic heritage

Does san Francisco celebrate Hispanic heritage month?


Why should be celebrate and recognized hispanic heritage month?

Because there are many American citizens of Hispanic heritage. It's like celebrate black history month or Columbus day, we must respect our country's citizen's heritage.

How do Hispanics and Latinos celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Fiesta, lol

How do Hispanics celebrate hispanic heritage month?

Hispanic Heritage Month is the period from September 15 to October 15 in the Untied States. This is a period when people recognize the contributions of Hispanic American to the United States and to celebrate Hispanic Heritage and culture's under the Lyndon Johnson administration ,the nation first recognized Hispanic Heritage as a week in 1968.People celebrate this month in many different ways like festivals ,playing different types of music and a lot more.

Why do you celebrate hispanic heritage month?

we celebrate Hispanic heritage month because we want to remember our culture and costume's. As Latino a feel proud of where I'm from. A reason is because we have a beautiful and mixed background with Black, white and the Natives of that time.

Is Puerto Rico one of the countries or US territories celebrated in hispanic heritage month?

Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory with a deep Hispanic heritage.

Who signed the official proclamation of Hispanic Heritage Month?

President Barack Obama has proclaimed Hispanic Heritage Month to be celebrated from September 15th to October 15th. We celebrate the culture, the contributions and the success of our Hispanic brothers and sisters in the United States.

Which of these countries has a hispanic heritage Mexico Spain Ecuador?

All three of them have.

What celebrations does Hispanic countries celebrate?

Dia de los muertos