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Mostly the middle - East and a couple of people in erope and Chines government and North Korea. Most other countries like America.

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Q: Which countries hate America
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What countries hate America?

In my opinion they are Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Japan, Russia, Venezuela...

Why Do People Hate america?

because some people in other countries' has came into war with America for no reason at all. So people assume that America is starting trouble. And some people just hate America because there culture

Why do Republicans hate America?

Republicans do not hate America.

Does the rest of the world really hate the US?

Because they are jealous. We extract demands in exchange for money. They hate turning down our money, but they also hate having to comply with America's demands. So they take the money. This distracts them from their countries dignity.

Why does Osama Hate the United States?

Because he grew up brainwashed to hate America. His ancestors hated America also.

Does Justin Bieber hate America?


Is it ok to hate Japan?

It's racist to hate other countries or the people who live in them.

Why those countries hate China?

There is no universal reason why all countries may dislike China. Some countries may have strained relations with China due to geopolitical differences, human rights concerns, trade disputes, territorial claims, or historical conflicts. It's important to note that not all countries have negative views of China, and international relations are influenced by a complex interplay of factors.

What does Angelina Jolie hate?

The paparazzi, putting clothes on pets, racism, America caring about themselves more than hurting countries & others, tabloids, & probably Jennifer Aniston

How many countries are there in America?

there are no countries in America only states

How many countries are in America?

There are 35 countries in the Americas, including North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Why does the world hate America?

Most of the world doesn't "hate" America, despite what some reports on the news and the internet may make you think. However, there are some groups around the world who do not like the policies of the American government over the past decade or so and demonstrate against those policies when US dignitaries visit their countries.