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Countries don't hate, people hate.

Some people are stupid enough to hate whole countries, others just make do with hating individuals.

Well, I know South Koriha hates us because the U.S. is stopping them from taking complete power over the United States. Saudi Arabia hates us because we have more freedom then they ever will. That's about all I know. = \

well the most hated country will be USA because people think that they are ( Rude, Stupid, Fat and more)

person above, regard to the 1st comment on top saying people hate, the whole country does not hate. In fact, the US is not the worlds most hated country; it has the most alliances out of any countries.

I would say only certain countries in the Middle East hate the US. Saudi Arabia because we take their oil and have more freedom. Iran because we are involved in the Middle East. Iraq does not hate us, they had nothing to do with 9/11, we were over there helping them because they didnt have an official military and needed protection.

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Doesn't hate any countries, I am sure. But I know correctly that it hates you for sure.


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Q: What countries does the us hate?
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