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Many countries have presidential governments, although the method of determining those presidents varies and the title of the executive in charge varies. The United States, India, Japan, France and Spain all have very similar types of government.

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Q: Which countries have a presidential form of government?
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What countries have a presidential government?

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Advantages of presidential form of government?

The presidential form of government is advantageous because the people get to decide the rules. Presidential forms of government also gives anyone the right to run for president.

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Name the countries having presidential form of government?

USA FRANCE SOUTH AFRICA EGYPT LIBYA etc Answers from Supraja.Vishwanadham Dasari

What Countries practicing presidential system of government?

U s a

Does Switzerland have Presidential or Parliamentary form of government?

Switzerland has a parliamentary government.

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DisAdvantages of Presidential Form of Government?

Democracy includes the presidential form of government. A disadvantage to this form is that one person seen as the head leadership yet he or she must rely on negotiation tactics to move the agenda forward.

How many countries in Africa and Asia do not democratic form of government?

More than 20 countries in Asia and Africa do not have a democratic form of government.