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Coca-Cola is sold in practically every country; "over 200 countries worldwide," the company itself says.

There can be times when some countries are out of the soft drink, though. Some small countries that don't have their own Coca-Cola production facilities sell out of the product, and must wait for new shipments from other countries' distributors.

Venezuela once threatened to stop selling the product. In early 2011, Pres. Hugo Chavez said the citizens of the country no longer wanted Coke, and he would halt its sales, because of a long labor dispute between the company and its Venezuelan workers.

Coca-Cola is also available in a kosher and halal format, which meets the dietary habits of persons of the Muslim faith. It is sold in middle eastern and Arab countries in its regular format, too.

While some internet rumors claim the company is Jewish-owned, and is thus not sold in "Muslim countries," that claim is false. Coca-Cola has been sold and even produced in such countries since the mid-1950s.

In 1967 some middle eastern countries identified collectively as the Arab League, and where Coca-Cola is also produced, stopped selling the company's products in protest to a new facility in Israel, with which some of those countries had governmental tensions and even brief combat at that time.

The sales and production of Coca-Cola resumed in those countries shortly after, though, and remain today.

Another opinion:

Say whatever you wish; I was there in the late 70's and early 80's; Coke was NEVER available in any of the markets which I visited regularly. Pepsi was there.

Many Muslim countries do not allow the sale of Coca-Cola, as it is associated with America and Israel. Other countries are facing extreme water shortages, due to being semi-arid and desert landscapes. Coca-Cola uses a tremendous amount of water in its' manufacture. India is now facing a severe water shortage in some areas of the country and blaming the area Coca-Cola plants for the problem. Some countries not allowing Coca-Cola to be sold are Iran, Syria, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea and Cuba.

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Q: Which countries is Coca-Cola not sold in?
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