Which country's president is the Roman Magsaysay award named after?


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The Philippines' President Ramon Magsaysay.

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The highest award to be given in asia is the Ramon Magsaysay Award. It is also considered as the Asia's Nobel Prize. The highest award to be given in the Philippines is the Quezon Service Cross. Only five Filipinos have been conferred this decoration.

Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation gives away prizes yearly to Asian individuals and organizations for achieving excellencein their respective fields. Awards are given in these categories Government Service, Public Service, Community Leadership, Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts, Peace and International Understanding, Emergent Leadership.

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Govt. services Public services Community Leadership Journalism, Literature Peace & International Understanding Emerging Leadership

i guess it is the Pulitzer price magsaysay and kalinga r from India and Booker is by the british govt

President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

the 2009 Nobel peace award to a man that will be known in U.S. history forever. president Obama the first black president

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She established the award by her husband and by stating it to the president and by she was educated.

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He won for best directing for the Pianist.

The Nobel Peace Prize(1979) The Pope John XXII Prize(1971) The Balzan Award(1979) The Nehru Prize(1972) The Medal of Freedom The Templeton and Magsaysay Awards

This award was established by the First Indian President Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 2 January 1954

India presented the 1995 Jawaharlal Nehru Awardfor International Understanding to Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak

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The Presidential Citizens Medal is an award bestowed. by the President of the United States. It is the second-highest civilian award in the United States

Five Filipino scientists include Benito Vergara, Ernesto Domingo, Bienvenido Juliano, Raul V. Fabella, and Dolores Ramirez. Ernesto Domingo was the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2013.

Ronald Reagan, a former U.S. president, was a successful Hollywood actor, but he was never nominated for or won an Academy Award.

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