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probably Marie byrd land

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Q: Which country has no public toilets?
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When did public toilets come to the UK?

Public toilets came to uk in 1852.

Are public toilets public goods?


On a map what does PC stand for?

it means Public Toilets

How many public toilets are there in the UK?

there are 150 toilets in the UK

Does Belgium have toilets?

Yes it does have toilets, as it is a first world country.

What's the word for the fear of tiolets?

Coprophobia or Corporophobia- a fear of toilets, bowel movements, public toilets and anything associated with toilets.

When was the first public toilet invented?

Ancient Rome had public toilets.

Is it illegal to microphone public toilets?


Toilets in Europe called?

In Europe, typically public toilets are labeled as WCs, which stands for “water closet.”

What came to Britain first Public Toilets or telephone boxes?

public toilet

Did telephone boxes come before public toilets?


What is the name of the fear of flushing toilets?

Maybe the toilet's hard to flush, but the fear of toilets people have, they're almost always scared of public toilets.