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Which country in the world is Oligarchy?


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There are no countries with the government of an oligarchy today. Some argue many Western European countries are, but in reality they are not.

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what is the country for oligarchy

Thailand is still an oligarchy

There is an oligarchy in the world.

Oligarchy is practiced in China and Bolivia.

An oligarchy is a small group of people who have control over a country or organization.

If you are asking what oligarchy is, it is a type of government where a group of people control the country.

An example of an oligarchy is a society in which a small group of dictators is in charge of the country

An oligarchy government is when a small group of people has control of the government and country. An example of countries with oligarchy governments are China and North Korea.

Russia and China still use oligarchy in the today world. They are small communist countries that still holds power using military, money and been highly sociable.

There is no oligarchy in the modern world. This is the sentence that uses the word oligarchy.

Ok, well here's my sentence. I just learned what oligarchy was and I took a test on it. An oligarchy is a type of government in which a few people rule. So here's a sentence. "My country uses an oligarchy to rule our country, in which a few people are elected to make decisions for us!

One nation that is an oligarchy today is the country of Russia. It is ruled by a wealth elite group of people seeking even more wealth and power.

And oligarchy is led by the richest and most influential political elites. Those who attend the top universities or have a political legacy in their family get to rule the country under a oligarchy.

The Chinese Communist Party is run as a self-perpetuating oligarchy.

Until 1916 the country was ruled by an oligarchy of landowners who operated a parliament on a restricted suffrage.

A Monarchy is a country or state ruled by one person while an Oligarchy is a country or state ruled by a group of people considered the dominant class.

Corporate Oligarchy is the power base for globilization. Russia South Africa United States

The country of China has actually a communist government. However, it is slowly transitioning into an oligarchy just like Russia. In an oligarchy, there is no constitution and the people has no right to vote. The government is led by a council or board of directors.

Oligarchy is when there is no monarch but there is no goverment. It is have maybe 2-5 people running a country or a city instead of democracy or monarchy.

Right now we have a separation of church and state so there is no oligarchy and as long as that is maintained there won't be one.

According to the Wikipedia definition of oligarchy: "a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution." . . . Antarctica is governed by the Antarctic Treaty, signed by governments representing 80% of the earth's population. Then, is is not an oligarchy.

The United States is one example, almost all of the democracies in the world have oligarchy in one way or another

The government of Sparta was an oligarchy, meaning that an small elite ruled the country.

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