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Japan is leading on Technology

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Q: Which country is leading in computer technology?
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What country is leading in computer technology?

The United States is leading in computing and computer technology right now not only thanks to the advanced supercomputing at various facilities across the country but also the large computing industry that is based nationwide in places such as Silicon Valley.

Which country is leading technogi in the would?

Question: which country is leading technology in the world? Answer: Japan

Whet's the best computer technology school?

In "University of Phoenix. It has a certification in leading company about computer the "Microsoft". It is a good school in computer technology in my opinion.

What are the Leading manufactured products for Idaho state?

Computer memory, i.e. Micron Technology.

Which country is the manufacturing hub for leading computer hardware companies of the world?


What type of manufacturing became the leading industry?

Textile Manufacturing became the leading industry during sectionalism. Automobile industry, computer technology are also the advanced leading industry in the world.

What country is leading in information technology in the world?

The United States The US is still the world's biggest innovating country. Not only does the US have the best facilities and universities but it is home to the people who are currently leading in science and technology. This is actually wrong. Around 2011, a group of researchers developed a Global Technology index; a group of measurements that would acurately portray the world's leading country in technology, and it showed that the US actually ranked third in the world. Finland took first place, and Japan took second place. Sooo, it's safe to say that we are amoung the top three, but we are not THE leading country.

How do you make Mexican land?

Mexican land has be made by the leading reforms in the country and that has been helped by technology.

Define computer technology law?

what is computer technology

What is the relationship of computer to technology?

A computer is a type of technology.

Is America a leading country?

America is THE leading country.

What are the latest computer technology?

the Latest computer technology is a Samsung Tablet

What are some of the leading technology ETFs?

Two of the leading technology ETFs are Guggenheim China Technology and ETRACS Next Generation Internet ETN. Another leading one is the First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund.

Give you 3 subtopics on computer Technology?

give me three subtopics on computer technology

Who is the Father of computer technology?

The father of computer technology name was Charles Babbage

When was Wasatch Computer Technology created?

Wasatch Computer Technology was created in 1982.

Why does japan is the best in computer field comparing to Korea?

Because Korea is the most advanced country in the world reguarding computer technology. Not Japan. Do your homework.

How does computer technology impact the planning of instructions?

Computer technology impacts the planning of instructions by organizing them. Computer technology can distribute instructions to the recipients within seconds.

Is a computer a technology?

Asking if a computer is a technology is a weird question because there is something called "computer" and there is another thing called "computer technology". Computer technology is a combination of many other technologies (main division is hardware and software) and each have their unique properties. The technology is a know-how while computer is a device. When considered this way, it becomes easier to understand how computer technology helped mobile-phones evolve and become smart-phones.

Is there a difference between computer engineering and computer engineering technology If so what is it?

Computer engineering technology is the product and concepts that is used in computer engineering.

What is computer technology?

The computer technology refers to the activity of constructing and designing and the programming of computers.

What is the latest invention in computer technology?

i think now latest technology in computer is Mesotechnology....

How have the Japanese adapted to being a small country?

Focused on higher Education, specialty manufacturing ( transistor leading to all hi-technology ), motivated labour force leading to quality mass production ( autos )

What is the difference between computer technology and electronic technology?

Nothing really, because a computer technology is made up of electronic technology. So there is no difference basically.

Does Norway have computers?

Norway has the cheapest computer technology in the world, and we were the second country getting internet, and I'm writing this on a computer as I'm sitting in my bed. In Norway.

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