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Water Pollution

Which country is the worst for polluting water?

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by conserving water and polluting it.

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that is a simple answer. stop polluting the water you idiots.

This kills the fish, and wont let us drink the water. you probubly dont want to drink green water with trash in it, if we keep polluting the water, we wont have any left.

Well Hydrgen Energy is something that is non-polluting when used in a car the exhast is water and not a polluting chemical! Hyrdrogen is also safer then gasoline and/or Diesel also it can be produced in any country......These are some facts about Hydrogen Energy!

you can stop polluting the water

No country is bad but the man who said Antarctica is is the worst

These least polluting energy sources include the sun, geothermal, water, and burning wood. All energy sources have at least a minimal risk of polluting the planet.

Yes every country pollutes. Some more than others, but still.

"Worst" is a matter of opinion, but probably North Korea.

you can start by not polluting water the air

By not polluting water the dophin lives in.

No, Oil is hydrophobic therefore it can't interact with water on a molecular level. Ethanol (E-85) on the other hand is hydrophilic and is polluting every water source in the world

The most polluted country in Europe is Russia. In fact, Russia is the 3rd most polluting country in the world.

We won't have access to safe drinking water.

The verb for pollution is pollute.Other verbs are pollutes, polluting and polluted."We are polluting the planet"."The factory pollutes the river"."Many died when their drinking water ended up being polluted".

- Water is pure. Pollution is man made. Stop polluting water.

It is important to not pollute because this is the water that we drink. Also animals in lakes,rivers,ocean could die by polluted water. Some People don't even realize that they are polluting water. SO help the Community by not wasting and polluting water.

by not polluting the environment by air water and soil

They will eventually die, and so will we.

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