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Do you mean red white and green? If so it's the Spanish flag, but a red white and red flag is the Austria flag.

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Q: Which county has a flag with 3 horizontal stripes red white and red?
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What flag has green white and red horizontal stripes?

That's the Italian flag (not to be confused with the Irish flag, which has horizontal green, white, and orange stripes). On the Italian flag, the order of the strips (left to right) is green, white, red.

What are the colours of the Slovenia flag?

White blue and red horizontal stripes

What is the colour of the flag in Latvia?

Civil and State flag, Red/White/Red horizontal stripes

What is the white part of the american flag called?

There are two "whites" on the current American flag: The 50 stars and six stripes. The six white stripes are horizontal from the left to the right on the flag separated by red stripes. White typically stands for "purity."

What flag has horizontal stripes red top blue middle white bottom. it is the opposite of the Russian flag?

The flag of Serbia.

What colours are on the Slovakian flag?

horizontal white, blue and red stripes with coat of arms

What is the flag of luxembourg?

Three horizontal stripes: red white and blue top to bottom

What country's flag has green white and blue horizontal stripes?

Sierra Leone

On the American flag what does the white strips stand for?

it stands for purity The American Flag consists of seven horizontal red stripes and six horizontal white stripes. The total number of stripes equals 13 and represents the thirteen original colonies which rebelled against British rule.

How many blue stripes does the flag of Greece have?

it has nine equal horizontal stripes of blue alternating with white.

What flag has three horizontal stripes in the pattern white red white?

It is the flag of Belarus from 1991 to 1995 It could also be the flag of Amazonas, a Brazilian state

What color is Russia's flag?

From top to bottom, the Russian flag has horizontal stripes of white, blue and red.