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supreme court and high court

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Q: Which court is responsible for enforcement of fundamental rights?
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Who is competent to amend the fundamental rights?

supreme court

What can you do when government interfere in your fundamental rights?

for this we can move on to the court

Difference between fundamental rights and ordinary rights?

When ter s violation of fundamental rights v can directly go to supreme court.. Whereas in second case v can't appeal to supreme court directly.. moreover, the ordinary rights are granted by the ordinary laws. they do not have the same sanctions and sanctity as the fundamental rights have because the latter is guaranteed by the constitution itself. the fundamental rights are incorporated in the constitution.

What has the author J B Oyeleye written?

J. B. Oyeleye has written: 'Federal High Court (civil procedure rules) 1999' -- subject(s): Civil procedure, Court rules 'The fundamental rights (enforcement procedure) rules, 1979' -- subject(s): Civil rights, Civil procedure, Court rules

What is the meaning of law enforcement?

it means that the court will help you to get your rights in the contract

What safe guards have been provided in the constitution against the violation of Fundamental Rights?

in case,a fundamental right is violated,one can move to the court of law and can seek justice.This means that our fundamental rights are not absolute or unlimited.

Why are Fundamental Rights different from Directive Principles?

There exist many differences. The most important being that the fundamental rights can be enforced by a court of law (against the state), while Directive Principles are not. Fundamental rights are inalienabe rights, whereas Directive Principles are aimed at securing welfare, which are more like constitutional guidelines.

Who is the protectar of fundamental right?

supreme cort is the protector of funda mental rights.

Difference between directive principles of state policy and the fundamental rights?

Fundamental rights are justiciable where as directive principles are not justiciable. The provision of directive priciple thus cannot be enforced in court of law.

What has the author Shariful Hasan written?

Shariful Hasan has written: 'Supreme Court, fundamental rights and directive principles' -- subject(s): Civil rights, India, India. Supreme Court

What has the author Akhileshwar Sharma written?

Akhileshwar Sharma has written: 'The Supreme Court of India, as the guardian of fundamental rights' -- subject(s): Civil rights, India, India. Supreme Court

When supreme court gives advice to president?

Only if the matter relates to the violation of fundamental rights of the citizens