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SMPS(switch mode power supply)


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If it is a computer power supply it is the box that gives the computer its power from the outlet.

A power supply is a device that adjusts power to the right wattage and distributes the power with in the computer.

To give power to a computer system or device.

A computer power supply is used to provide power to a computer device. Every computer has one in order to operate. It comes in the form of a battery pack or adapter.

SMPS stands for switch mode power supply it gives power supply to our computer so that our computer runs.

A good computer lab power supply has a battery backup that gives you a few minutes to save your stuff when the power goes out.

The power supply gives power to the computer. It has one end that is a plug that goes into an outlet, while the other end attaches to the computer. The pins must be aligned correctly when it plugs in.

The use of computer cases with power supply in them is to be able to charge a person's laptop, netbook, iPad, or other electronic device while it is in the case still.

A computer monitor is an output device which displays information in pictorial form. A monitor usually comprises the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply.

A power supply gives electrical power to all the components and parts of the computer. The power supply consists on several wires that connect to specific parts of the computer. Examples are the IDE/SATA CD/DVD Drive, IDE/SATA Hard Disk Drive, the motherboard, etc. Power supplies are only a computer part in a desktop computer, NOT a laptop computer.

UPS is Uninterruptable Power Supply. It is neither input not output. It supplies electrical power to a computer when the main electrical supply is interrupted. It does not handle data in any way.

A PC Main Supply is what gives the computer power to operate, in desktop computers they have to constantly be connected to some type of power outlet. Diagram. Plug socket > Cable > PSU (power supply unit) > Motherboard > power to all components in the computer.

An uninterruptable power supply is a power device for a computer (or other things) which is designed never to lose power in the middle of crucial operations. For example, if you're running a computer which is in charge of a critical process and there is a disruption in the power coming into the computer, the uninterruptable PSU (power supply unit) is designed to make sure the computer doesn't stop the process it was working on and lose data.

The computer's power supply powers the computer or any other device. If you want more about power supplies take a look at the link provided below.

The job of a computer power supply is to give power to the computer even when it doesn't have any power. It is normally your adapter that comes with the computer.

power supply is a device that supplies electric power to electrical load

Yes, this is very much possible. The power supply will come with a regulator and only the correct amount of electricity will be taken in by the device. I am currently running a 500W power supply and my computer ran fine before with a 240W

The primary function of an uninterpretable power supply, or UPS, is to continue to give an electrical device, such as a computer, power when normal house power is disrupted. Normally the UPS only provides enough power to use the device long enough to properly shut it down.

Your power supply can supply 1 A, but your device requires 2 A. So the power supply will be overloaded. So the simple answer is no.

That is a device that is inside the computer. An internal hard drive, for instance, is physically mounted inside the computer. It is not made to be used outside the computer, though there are kits to convert internal hard drives into external drives. There are external storage devices that are made to plug into a USB port. External devices either require their own power supply, or they get power from a USB socket. Internal devices get their power from the power supply which is already in the computer.

When your computer will not power on. When the cooling fan of the power supply has failed. When the amount of hardware in use in your case exceeds the power capability of your power supply.

It is the device within your computer that takes the 120 volts AC from your home wiring and converts it to the low voltage DC power that your computer uses. It has outputs of 3.3 volts, 5 volts, and 12 volts DC. Each is necessary for different hardware within the computer.

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