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As I understand it, ornamental elephants are considered luck if they are placed in a room in such a manner that they face toward a door.

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What direction should an elephants trunk face?

The trunk of the elephant should face east.

Which direction do lucky elephants face?

the elephant should face the entrance of the house.

Which direction are elephants supposed to face in a bedroom?

Elephants must face RIGHT. They must also have their trunks curl up for good luck.

Should the elephants trunk face the door?


What direction should the Buddha face in a garden?

The Buddha should not face south, as this is associated with Yama. North is the preferred direction.

Is it true in Italy that elephants should face the door for good luck?


At what angle and direction should a solar panel face if you live in the Southern hemisphere?

They should face north.

In which direction should a Buddha face?

It doesnt matter.

What direction should solar panels face in California?

If fixed, a generally southern direction.

Which way do elephants face for good luck?

Elephant should be facing you for good luck

What direction should the solar panels face for on grid?

it should face the sun so it can absorb the energy and light

In which direction should you face to see the constellation Ursa Minor?

Face toward the north.

In what direction should one face when meditating?

It doesn't matter which direction you face while meditating. It doesn't matter how you sit, what you wear or when you meditate.

What direction should rows in a garden face?

east to west

What direction do Muslims home have to face?

No restrictions on the Muslim home direction to face per Islam teachings. However, Muslims during praying should face the direction to Kaaba ln Makkah (or Mecca) in Saudi Arabia.

What direction should PV cells face in USA?

PV cells face south in the USA.

What position should your house face in Atlantic Canada?

There is no Correct answer for that, it could face in any direction

Which direction should the run on a chicken coop face?

Face it west so there is light on it in the evening.

Why Asian elephant should be protected?

Asian elephants are very rare and need to be protected because they face the risk in becoming extinct. SAVE THE ELEPHANTS THEY ARE CUTE

What predators do elephants face?

Human beings are the greatest predators of elephants.

Which direction do the statues of the confederate dead face?

They should face North, to protect against the Northern aggression

What direction should the lord face?

To the west, where Valinor and Eressea lie.

What direction do Japanese houses face?

They dont have a particular direction,they can face any direction.

Should elephant trunk face toward front of house?

It is believed that images and figures of elephants should face towards the door of the room they are in to encourage good fortune. They should also have their trunks turned upward.

What direction should a solar panel face if you live in new york?


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