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Q: Which do people use more Google or Wikipedia?
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Are ducks legal in Albany ny?

Google it! Use wikipedia

What is the significance of Google apps to Google future success?

Well i would say that google is already a huge success!!! However... The more people that use Google, obviously the more successful it will become. By having Google Apps eg Google Maps, Google Translate, this ensures that more people will use Google, because they will want to use its apps for specific purposes. That is what the significance of Google Apps is in relation to Google's future success!!!!

Where can you find information about Lucero?

To Find More Information About Lucero You Can Look Him Up On Google Which Can Give Alot Of Detail And Information For You To Know And Wikipedia Has Really Good Information Which Many People Can Use.

Why does Google offer free services?

Its to show the brand google... Google wants you to use their services and if they are free more people will use them. Its for adverting and to show the brand name "Google".

How many people use Wikipedia?

Almost half a billion people use Wikipedia every month.

Why does bing hate Google?

because people use google more then bing only dumb people use bing and boring people

Does anyone here EVER use Wikipedia?

Many people use Wikipedia along with WikiAnswers.You can find Wikipedia online at www.wikipedia.orgwell APARENTALLY YES A BUNCH OF PEOPLE USE WIKIPEDIA WHAT ELSE WOULD THEY USE CARTOONNETWORK :P

How many people use Google?

By the end of 2012, it is predicted that Google will have more than 400 million users.

Why can't people here just use Google?

beacuse this is more trusted.

How many people use cell phones in 1990?

3 and a half one lady was pregnant.. ever hear of google or wikipedia, the answers are right there

What would the world be like without Google?

Well, instead of Google, people might create different search engines. They might also just use Wikipedia, it's full of information!If you were talking about, "What would the world be like without search engines?"The answer is is simple. Books. Books contain more knowledge sometimes even more than Google.

How many people use

10 million people use Wikipedia

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