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Sodium Choleate- it is a bile salt that serves as an emulsifying agent; which aids in the suspension of triglycerides in water. I'm not going to lie, I do not know how or why, but I just did it in my chemistry class last week.

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Which emulsifying agent should you use to make it a clear micro emulsion of essential oils with detergent?


How should a good emulsifying agent behave?

This emulsifier must increase the stability of the emulsion.

What is Emulsifying Agent?

An emulsifying agent is a substance that helps an emulsion become more stable. An emulsion is usually a mixture of two products such as oil and water that do not mix together or that are also referred to as immiscible. By adding an emulsifying agent to the mixture, they cause the oil to be broken down into smaller pieces that can then be dispersed throughout then water. This is then what becomes known as an emulsion.

In the presence of an emulsifying agent a mixture of oil and water becomes a?

This mixture is an emulsion.

What is an asphalt emulsion?

An asphalt emulsion is a mixture of asphalt particles and emulsifying agent, such as bentonite clay and water, used in roofing.

What are the purposes of emulsifying agents in emulsion?

To allow suspended solids to remain in suspension. Emulsion paint for example contains fine particles of pigment in suspension in water. The emulsifying agent prevents the pigments settling to the bottom.

Is mik an emulsifying agent?


Can methyl stearate be used as an emulsifying agent?

methyl stearate will react with triethanolamine to form an emulsifying agent. By itself, is not very goodin this respect

Which emulsifying agent is in milk?

AFAIK, The fat globule membrane acts as the emusifying agent.

A none nzymatic fat-emulsifying agent?


What colloids an emulsifying agent for its preparation?

egg yolk i think

What serves as an emulsifying agent in the small intestine?


What is the emulsifying agent in a mayonnaise?

egg yoke and mustard

What mixture is lotion?

A lotion is usually an emulsion - similar to, for example, mayonnaise. An emulsion is made of two liquids that won't normally mix (such as oil and water) and a third chemical is added that enables the other two to join together. This makes a creamy mixture. This third chemical is called an emulsifying agent.In the case of a lotion, the oil is often palm oil and the second is usually just water. Any of a number of different emulsifying agents (such as emulsifying wax for example) are added to join the oil and water. Scents and perhaps also medicines are then added, as needed, to make whatever particular lotion is required.

What is an example of an emulsifying agent other then phospholipids?

Natural soap, detergents

What are some examples for solutions and emulsion?

A solution is just two things mixed together homogeneously, or evenly throughout. Some examples are Sterling silver, which is copper and silver, salt dissolved in water, and air. The solvent, which is the substance present in the greatest amount in the solution, and the solute, the thing(s) dissolved in the solvent, can be in any phase. An emulsion is a colloidal suspension of a liquid in a liquid. Some common examples are mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard. In mayonnaise, egg yolk is usually the emulsifying agent. The emulsifying agent is the thing that allows two things to mix together that normally wouldn't, such as olive oil and vinegar.

What can you use for an emulsifying agent to mix vegetable oil and water?

try this website:

What could be the best emulsifying agent to mix vegetable oil with peanut butter and powders?

egg yolk...?

In the presence of an emulsifying agent a mixture of oil and water becomes a .?

Water and oil form a colloidal dispesion.

What are the active ingredients in Foundation?

this is the ingredients for foundation: Deionized water: :solvent tridecyl neopentanaote: :lubricating agent :emollient :binder sunflower oil: :skin conditioning agent :rich in vitamin E :high in gamma linoleic acid(an essential fatty acid) octyl methoxycinnamate: :moisturizing agent :sunscreen agent sodium PCA: :derived from pyroglutamic acid :occurs in vegetable,fruits,molasses and grasses :skin and hair conditioner :moisturizer :humectant glucose: :sweetener :flavoring agent glucose oxidase: :preservative :conditioning agent lactoperoxidase: :preservative :conditioning agent mica: :colorant lauroyl lysine: :skin conditioning agent dimethicone copolyol beeswax: :skin conditioning agent :silk amino acid: :moisturizer :conditioning agent :supports the maintance of healthy skin lysine PCA: :moisturizer :antixiodant cetyl alcohol: :fatty alcohol :palmitic oil from coconuts :emulsion stabilizer :foam booster :viscosity increasing agent :emollient cetearyl alcohol: :fatty alcohol from coconut :emollient :emulsion stablizer :surfactant :viscosity incresing agent acetylated lanolin: :emollient :conditioner :lubricating agent zinc oxide: :bulking agent :colorant :sunscreen agent emulsifying wax: :emulsifier :emulsion stablizer :viscosity increasing agent :opacifying agent :suspending agent iron oxides: :colorant neem seed oil: :derived from tropical neem tree :conditioning agent :supports the body against minor inflammation hydoxyethylcellulose: :binder :viscosity increasing agent :emulsion stablizer :film former :no known toxocity coconut extract: :emollient cetyl ester: :emollient :viscosity increasing agent coconut oil: :emollient :opacifying agent :emulsifier

What is a liquid spread through another liquid?

It is called an emulsion. The liquids are immiscible (i.e they do not mix), however, an emulsifying agent prevents them from separating on standing. (in simpler terms, if you leave the mixture undisturbed, you will not get two distinct layers like oil on water thanks to the agent) One liquid is called the continuous phase (the background). The other is called the dispersed phase (seen as suspended globules).

What is cetomacrogol cream bp?

It is an emulsifying agent allowing lipids and water based fluids to be mixed together into (pharmaceutical) preparations

What interactions may occur with laxatives?

Mineral oil and docusate should not be used in combination. Docusate is an emulsifying agent which will increase the absorption of mineral oil. Bisacodyl tablets are enteric coated, and so should not be used in combination with antacids.

What is sodium aluminum phospate?

In its acid form this substance is used as a leavening agent (ie, for making dough rise), and in its alkaline form as an emulsifying agent. Please see the link.

What is the most common emulsifying agent used in cooking?

Emulsifying agents are foods that are added to the liquid parts from a recipe to distribute each ingredients particles evenly throughout the mixture. Some common emulsifiers are: eggs, egg yolk, milk, gelatin and flour.