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Well there is Ruth Bader Ginsburg but idk the rest.

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What famous people lived in New York?

Joe DImaggio lived in new york

What famous people lived in colonial New York?

some famous people who lived in colonial new york were henry sloughter first governer of new york colony,

What famous people has lived New York?

Skai Jackson

How many people lived in colonial new york?

state or city?

Did any famous people live in Uniondale?

Busta Rhymes lived in uniondale in new york

Were did Samuel Morse live?

Samuel Morse lived in the state of Massachusetts for much of his young people. He later moved to the state of New York where he lived until his death.

What part of north America did the Iroquois lived?

The Iroquois lived in New York State, and now they still live in New York State.

Famous person from New York?

Gorge Clinton lived in new york

What state was the famous corporate empire in?

The famous empire state building is located in New York

How many people lived in British New York in 1700?

How many people lived in British New York in the 1700

How did the people live in new york colony?

The people that lived in the New York colony lived in a way similar to those in the northern colonies. These people lived off of the forest and the water.

How many people lived in New York in 1980?

The 1980 US Census recorded 17,558,072 residents in the state.

What state did Grover Cleveland's lived in?

Prior to President, New York State

Who are some more famous people from New York in the 1700's?

New York state and city have always seemed to attract famous people even in the 1700s. Some of the famous people from there in the 1700s included William Alexander and William Blackhorse Astor Sr.

What famous canal was built in New York?

The Erie Canal is the famous canal in New York state.

What state did the Iroquois tribe live in?

they lived in new york

What state is famous for cheesecake?

new york

What kind of people lived in New York?

All kinds of people live in New York.

Famous in New York?

there is alot of famous people

Are there any famous plants in New York?

yes because there state tree is very important to some people !

What is new york historically famous for?

New York is historically famous for many of its landmarks. Landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty make New York famous.

Are there 5 famous people from NY?

hundreds of famous people are from new york

What state did the Iroquois and algoquians live in?

they both lived in New York.

What is the most famous state in the world?

New York

Which state was famous for spring water?

New York