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Which features should you look for when buying a cell phone?


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2004-11-29 15:29:01
2004-11-29 15:29:01

Many times we come across people who buy cell phones only to later realize that the particular brand or model does not support applications like downloading ringtones, web surfing etc and does not have the features that they may want. If they might have known beforehand then they could have made their purchase accordingly. So let


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If you are buying a cell phone from Ebay you should be aware of any damages the phone may have. You should also check the rating of the seller so you do not get scammed.

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Cell phones should be used in school with discipline. This should be turned off whenever a class is going on. As well, parents should set rules for their children to follow whenever they carry their cell phone in school. More importantly, parents should only give their children a simple cell phone with basic features to control their cell phone usage. Giving them a cell phone with advanced features can only tempt them to use the device irresponsibly.

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