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Many times we come across people who buy cell phones only to later realize that the particular brand or model does not support applications like downloading ringtones, web Surfing etc and does not have the features that they may want. If they might have known beforehand then they could have made their purchase accordingly. So let

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Q: Which features should you look for when buying a cell phone?
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What are the best cell phone smart phone reviews?

Cell phone reviews, buying guides, and price comparisons on popular cell phones design, and multimedia features make it the best phone offered by Sprint.

What do I need to know before buying a used cell phone from eBay?

If you are buying a cell phone from Ebay you should be aware of any damages the phone may have. You should also check the rating of the seller so you do not get scammed.

How do you use cell phone school?

Cell phones should be used in school with discipline. This should be turned off whenever a class is going on. As well, parents should set rules for their children to follow whenever they carry their cell phone in school. More importantly, parents should only give their children a simple cell phone with basic features to control their cell phone usage. Giving them a cell phone with advanced features can only tempt them to use the device irresponsibly.

What should I look for in an firefly cell? This web site talks about the features of the firefly phone.

In what circumstances is it worth buying cell phone boosters?

Buying a cell phone booster is useful in circumstances such as when you are in a canyon or valley and your cell phone is frequently dropping calls or if you have dead zones on your way to work.

Where can people find cell phone review and comparisons?

Reviewing and comparing the different features of cell phones is an important part of the buying process. A cell phone service provider store is a great source of information and has the added benefit of allowing you to see and feel each phone.

What should I know about prepaid cell phones before buying one?

You should be aware of the price of the cell phone plan and any limitations that are involved in the plan.

What is the return policy if one buys a cell phone online through Amazon?

The return policy for buying a cell phone online through Amazon is that you can and should return the cell phone if it seems broken. In addition, you should be aware that some sellers do not accept returns.

How good is the nokia 6300 for taking pictures?

The cell phone takes decent pictures for being an older model of a phone. If you are buying the phone because you want a good camera in it, you should aim for a newer cell phone.

Is the Jitterbug cell phone worth buying?

My father recently purchased a Jitterbug yes it is worth buying for an older person. It is simple to operate no added features or applications that would confuse an older person.

Cell Phone Plans For Everyone?

The type of cell phone plan that you need to buy depends on who you are buying the plan for. Older people may not need as many minutes or features on their phone as younger people do. Students in high school and college may have a phone, but their parents can monitor the number of minutes they have on their phone to use.

Get The Best Cell Phone For You?

When shopping for a cell phone, you may feel tempted to buy the latest, most popular phone. Read the reviews and try it out to see if it is the best cell phone for you. If you like it, buy it. However, if you don't like the trendy phones, you should choose one that has the features, look and feel that you like. After all, most wireless phone contracts last for two years, so you should get one you can live with. There's no sense in buying a phone that you don't like just because friends or industry analysts say that you need it.

Should i trust buying cell phones online?

I would be a bit skeptical of buying a cell phone online unless its through your service provider. Verizon often has better deals on there website than in stores.

Can you buy an unlocked cell phone and connect to your prepaid account from AT and T?

The answer is probably yes. The company you're buying the phone from should be able to tell you for certain.

Where should I buy a new cell phone?

You can check this website It gives you best reviews from different cell phones in the market. Also it gives you the newest model that's out in the market

T-Mobile Cell?

If you are planing on buying a new cell phone, you can consider t-mobile cell phones as they provide great service and have a wide variety of phones. You can either choose to buy only a cell phone, or the cheaper solution, signing a monthly contract and free t-mobile cell phone. If you do not need a lot of features, just buy some cheaper phone, or get it for free.

Can LG cell phone which is a CDMA cell phone can be converted to GSM cell phone?

The answer is yes, however this is not an easy task and you would probably be better off buying a GSM phone instead.

What are the advantages of buying a cell phone with a keyboard?

you can text more

When should you get your child a cell phone?

you should get your child a cell phone at age ten.

Is buying a cell phone at 10 too early?

In third or fourth grade, no offense, but who could you possibly talk to on a cell phone at that age? Do most of your friends have cell phones, because if they do, then give it 2 years or 3 and you should be in the clear.

Can you personalize a cell phone when buying it as a Christmas gift?

yes, you sure can

Is Wirefly a good place to upgrade a cell phone?

It's a great place to buy a cell phone I have purchased my phones there for 3 years now. You really should consider buying from them. Great prices and free shipping.

Which samsung cell phone has the best features for elderly people?

The Samsung R335C cell phone has the best features for elderly people. It is a simple flip phone that has large buttons, and can be operated using voice commands.

What should I know before buying an unlocked cellular phone?

There is a good guide on what you need to know here

how to get cell phone card for your cell phone?

Go to your local phone service store in your town. Ask them if you can get a cell phone card for your cell phone. They should be able to answer your question.