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Which fish eats algae?

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Algae eating fish include: bottom dwellers such as loaches, cat fish and plecs and many marine and fresh water tropical fish such as plecostomus fish.

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What eats green algae?


What eats algae eaters?


What eats red algae?

The Siamese algae eater, Surgeon fish and fish that eats red algae. The Lined chiton, Sea slug and Spider conch also feed on red algae.

What a bear that eats a fish that ate bugs that ate algae is?

A bear that eats a fish that ate bugs that ate algae is a

What fish eats algae?

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What underwater animal eats algae?

Small fish and zooplankton eat algae.

What type of fish eats algae in fresh water lakes?

Many fish eat algae, it depends on which type of algae. But the fish that do eat algae are catfish, red tailed fish, Florida flag fish, and plecos.

When a fish eats algae and worms is called?


What other fish eats plankton and algae?


What fish eats algae off the turtles shell?

As well as other fish, the Yellow Tang fish feeds on algae from sea turtle shells

What eats a rosy barb?

barb fish eat algae

Is the blue heron a primary or secondary carnivore?

i think a heron is a secondary carnivore because it eats this type of fish and that fish eats algae. so basically the fish eats algae and other stuff which makes it a primary. if the heron eats the primary it would be a secondary. ISABELLA 4TH GRADER

What do raccoons eat that eats algae?

Snails and some fish eat algae and both are eaten by raccoons

Who eats green algae?

little fish suckle on it I'm sure

What kind of food does tilapia fish eats?

algae or small fishes

What does a pup fish eat?

a Pupfish eats diatoms and algae. bye

What is one of the specific fish in the Pacific Ocean that eats algae?


What does a clown fish eat in the pacific ocean?

A clown fish eats algae in the Pacific Ocean.

The series of steps in which a large fish eats a small fish that has eaten algae is a?

food chain

The series of steps in which a large fish eats a small fish that has eaten algae is called?

A foodchain.

Does any animals eat algae?

There is an animal that eats algae it's called and algae eater fish. One kind is called a Jerusalem algae eater.

What is a food chain starting with algae?

Algae Starts Of The Food Chain. The Marine Worm, The Green Sea Turtle, And Parrot Fish Eat The Algae. The Gray Reef Shark Eats The Parrot Fish, The Jellyfish, And The Green Sea Turtle. The Jellyfish Eats The Phytoplankton, Which Eats The Bacteria. The Green Sea Turtle Eats The Eats The Jellyfish. So The Algae Begins The Food Chain And It Ends With The Gray Reef Shark.

What eats algae in estuaries?

i just did a report on estuaries, and turtles, fish and bacteria eat algae. so do insects.

What is a bear that eats a fish that ate bugs that ate algae is a?

secondary consumer

What eats algae in a swamp?

In a swamp small fish eat algae. This would be the primary consumer eating the producer as food.