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Pierre Womé




Guiseppe Rossi

Laurent Blanc

Bogarde... ac, barca, chelsea

sissoko...valencia, liverpool, juventus

kovacecic... sheffield wednesday, real sociedad, juventus, lazio

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jorge cadette vladimer weiss joachim bjorkland

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Robbie Keane.

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Nicolas anelka

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Q: Which football player has played in Scotland England Spain and Italy?
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Who is the only player to have played in all leagues i n England and Scotland?

Colin Cramb

What player has played for Celtic and been relegated in Scotland and England and Italy and Spain?

Morten wieghorst

Did Alan Brazil play cricket for England?

Alan Brazil, capped thirteen times as a football player for Scotland between 1980 and 1983, never played cricket at any level of the professional game.

Which Dutch football player played in England Italy and Spain?

Ruud Van Nisterloy

Who is the most capped international football player who has played football in the English premier league?

For England it is Peter Shilton with 126 caps.

What football player played in 5 major European football leagues?

John Carew - Italy, Spain, France, England and Turkey

Who was the first player to score for England and Scotland in football?

Nobody is the answer I would guess as once you have represented an international side you can't usually play for another. There are some exceptions to this rule - I think Alfredo Di Stefano played for Argentina and Spain, but it is very rare and i don't think anyone has done it for England and Scotland. Please corect me if I'm wrong!

How many football games has david beckham played for England?

109, setting the record for an out-field player.

Who is gary owen?

"Gary Owen was born on July 7th, 1958 in St. Helens, Lancashire. He is a retired football player who played the position of midfielder. He played football in England."

Who is the best football player in Scotland?

Kenny Miller 100%

What Scandinavian football player has played in top league of England Italy Germany and Spain?

Jon Dahl Tomasson

Who was the first football club that Gordon Strachan played for?

Gordan Strachan, Scottish football manager of the Scotland National team, began his career as a player for Dundee. He played as an infielder at the beginning, later graduating to a more managerial level.