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After these events, Paul had a successful career for 7 months, before he fell over and broke his toe. His astoundingly handsome brother Anthony was then brought in to replace him while he recovered. However, with almost divine skill and charisma, he played much better than his brother. When Paul recovered, he found he was no longer needed. Paul had stored no money for the future, and decided to move in to the cubicle next to Christopher, along with his lover.

Of course, that's not nearly as mad as the story of what happened after they eloped.

It turns out that Chris' brother Paul was exceptionally jealous, and, having failed to seduce Alan Shearer, went on a tragic mission to "bag" Pauline.

When he finally succeded, he discovered the awful truth that it had been a set up all along, designed to expose his marriage to Audrey Tautou as a sham that only went ahead so he could get a french passport.

Chris went on to be the most successful player Chelsea had ever known, and Paul, whose public profile was destroyed, was never heard from again.

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