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== == * 1. Boise State .74000 * 2. Ohio State .73855 * 3. Tennessee .72835 * 4. Michigan .72414 * 5. Notre Dame .72209

== == Per here are winning percentages since 1926. * 1. Ohio State .73416 * 2. Tennessee .73237 * 3. Michigan .72426 * 4. Oklahoma .72307 * 5. Alabama .72120 ...with about a .747 winning percentage, but they had four undefeated years from 1901-1904. I'm not sure about from '26 though. You're right. It's the University of Michigan by a long shot!

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Q: Which football team has had a better winning percentage since 1926 the University of Michigan or the University of Tennessee?
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When was the last time the university of Michigan played the university of Tennessee in football?

Michigan and Tennessee have met only once in football ... that being the 2002 Florida Citrus Bowl with Tennessee winning 45-17.

How many games have the university of Michigan against the Tennessee volunteers?

Through the 2008 season, Michigan and Tennessee have met once in college football, that being the 2002 Florida Citrus Bowl. Tennessee won 45-17.

Former University of Tennessee football players?

JP Shellnutt when did he play on the University of Tennessee football team

Which teams have never had an 8-loss season in Division 1A football?

University of Tennessee Ohio State University Michigan (was on the list until 2008)

What NCAA Division 1 football team has the best all time winning percentage?

The University of Michigan.

What sport is Tennessee famous for?

Tennessee is most famous for football. The Tennessee Titans play in the National Football League. Tennessee also is known for its SEC ("Southeastern Conference") football at The University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt University.

Who is the current head football coach at the University of Michigan?

Rich Rodriguez is the head football coach for the University of Michigan.

How many national chapionships has Michigan University won in football?

Michigan University? Do you mean Michigan State University (Spartans) or University of Michigan (Wolverines) ?

What stadium holds more people Ohio State or Tennessee?

The Ohio State football stadium has a larger official capacity than the University of Tennessee football stadium. The University of Tennessee's football stadium has an official capacity of 102,455. The record attendance is 109,061 on September 18, 2004 for a Tennessee - Florida football game. The Ohio State University football stadium has an official capacity of 104,944. The record attendance is 108,975 on November 21, 2015 for a Ohio - Michigan State football game.

Who won the 2008 football game between Michigan state university and university of Michigan?

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The coach of the University of Michigan football team is a man named Brady Hoke. Brady Hoke has been the coach of the University of Michigan football team for three years.

What is the University of Michigan vs the University of Alabama's record in football?

3-0 Michigan

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