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For most GM vehicles it's called "courtesy" or something similar.

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Q: Which fuse controls the dome lights for a 94 achieva s?
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Which fuse controls the dome light and the clock light?

With the year, make, and model I would suggest looking for a fuse labeled interior lights.

Where is the fuse that controls the dome light and radio located for a 1996 Toyota RAV4?

I have a 97 and just changed that fuse for the dome and interior lights, only it also has the tail lights, any way, it is located on driver side on left, fuse # 15 and it is a 10 amp, hope it is a help

Why would the dashboard lights and tail lights not work on a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva?

did you check the fuse?

Which fuse in a Nissan Frontier fuse box controls both the instrument lights and parking lights?

There is another fuse box under the hood and next to the battery. This fuse controls the horn, dashboard lights, and the tail lights.

What fuse controls brake lights?

What fuse controls the brake lights on a 1998 Chevy Camaro? It should be labeled on the fuse block.

If the door courtesy lights work in a 2004 Honda Accord after changing the fuse but map and dome lights do not Is there a separate fuse for them?

dome lights do not work. checked the fuse which is ok. checked the bulbs which are also ok. where is the problem

Which fuse controls the dome light in a 2005 Subaru Legacy sedan?

the dome light fuse...any other questions

What fuse controls the license plate lights on a 91 Mazda protege?

It is the same fuse that controls the tail lights. It is at the top of the fuse box 2nd from the left. 15amp fuse.

What is a room fuse?

A room fuse is a fuse that usually controls indicator lights. The lights would include door lights, overhead lights, or even and audio fuse.

Fuse number for dashboard lights 1994 Achieva S?

its marked "guages"

What fuse controls the brake lights on a 92 Dodge Dakota. All lights and turn signals work except no brake lights when brake pedal is pushed?

Fuse 7 controls the brake lights. It should be a red 10amp fuse.

What fuse controls the digital clock in a 2011 KIA sorento I replaced a dome light bulb and now my interior lights and digital clock don't work?

The room lp, which is a fuse 10 A, controls the digital clock in a 2011 KIA Sorrento.

What is the ctsy fuse on my 93 Chevy truck?

The ctsy fuse is for your courtesy lights. These include your dome lights, vanity mirror lights, and any other small misc. lights in your truck.

What fuse controls the rear lights and the dashboard lights on a 1996 corolla?

Try parking/tailight fuse

Where is the fuse located that controls the inside dash lights to a 1993 ford explorer?

Where is the fuse located that controls the inside dash lights on a 1993 Ford Explorer

Where can you locate the fuse that controls outo door locks and courtesy lights?

Depends of course on the vehicle but there are different fuses for the locks than the lights. My suggestion is to open the door so the lights are on and pull relays from the fuse block under the hood till they go out. This should disable both auto locks and dome lights.

You have no dome or interior lights in your 2006 dodge charger?

check for a blown fuse in the fuse box.

Which fuse controls the inside lights in a 1993 Ford Explorer?

fuse # 27

Which fuse or fusible link is the correct one to change if the dash lights are out on a 1999 Maxima if it is not labeled dash lights?

check the dome light fuse that could be the problem.......or interior fuse Instrument lights.

Do Not have power to radio and no dome or lamp lights?

Check your fuse box almost guaranteed you have a blown fuse.

Dash lights dome lights and trunk lights won't work 2000 Cavalier are they all on the same circuit any suggestions?

check the fuse box for a blown fuse.

Where is the fuse for the dome lights and mirror lights on a 2000 GM Tracker?

Driver side under dash near hood release there is a fuse block.

Where is the fuse that controls the interior lights for a 1990 Buick regal GS?

in the fuse box

What fuse controls the dash lights on a 1991 Dodge Shadow?

Fuse labeled instruments.

Where is the fuse for taillights on a 74 nova?

In the fuse box, it controls the dash lights and taillights.