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Which fuse operates the Low Beam Headlights on a 2002 KIA Sedona?


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The fuse is in the engine compartment fuse box..see diagram in the owners manual section find out which one it is. To find out if the fuse has blown of is it the light bulb, switch the high-beam fuse with the low-beam fuse(they are next to one another). The fuses are not what you would expect them to look like, they are grey and small, about half the size of a match box. Both my light bulbs on low beam had gone. they cost $15 each at pepboys and took 7-8 minutes to change each light.


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I believe that after you turn the low beam headlights on , you pull out on the headlight switch

High beam headlights reveal objects at a distance of at least 450 feet away. High beam headlights allow the driver to view obstacles in the road much sooner than low beam headlights.

Under hood fuse panel, should be #35 relay, operates low beam headlights

You use low beam headlights when you're in a town or city in any location.

On most vehicles, the low beam headlights are the outside pair of lights. This is true when the headlights are side by side. When the two sets of lights are stacked, the low beam headlights are usually on the bottom.

According to the 2002 Ford Explorer Owner Guide : The LOW BEAM headlights take bulb ( # 9006 ) Also , the HIGH BEAMS use # 9005

Car headlights have to be able to "dip" so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic, they therefore can switch between a "high" beam and a "dipped" beam and thus have a dual beam.

Low beam headlight should illuminate 85 feet of the roadway. Newer low beam headlights illuminate more of the road than older headlights.

Take it to a dealer. There's no way you'll do it. Proud owner of one.

The headlights on the 2002 Toyota Tacoma might work on dim but not on high beam because of a blown fuse. If the headlights are too dim to see properly in the dark, there could also be a problem with the alternator and the charging system in the vehicle.

Use your high-beam headlights at night whenever it is legal and safe.

I was looking at the 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis Owner Guide and it shows that you can change each of the ( 4 light bulbs for the 2 low beam and the 2 high beam headlights ) ( the low beam headlights take bulb # 9006 ) ( the high beam headlights take bulb # 9005 )

There are three headlight settings on your headlight switch. You can turn the low beam headlights on by turning the headlight switch.

At night yes, but in the day no because the sunlight overpowers the headlights and high beam lights.

I know that if you move the turn signal lever ( which is part of the multi function switch ) away from you it turns on the high beam headlights and if you move it towards you , you only have low beam headlights ( and if you pull the turn signal lever all the way towards you and then release it the high beam headlights will flash each time you do that )

On a 2002 Ford Expedition : Turn your low beam headlights on and then pull the headlight switch out towards you to turn on the fog lights

No, you should not use high-beam headlights at all in heavy fog.

Possible that both dip beam bulbs have blown

i have a 96 olds achieva and my high beam light was flashing, i checked the headlights and one of my low beam headlights was out. once replaced the flashing stopped.

There'll be an indicator light on the dash which comes on when the high beam circuit is energized.

Low beams are the headlights when they are dipped. Used to light up the road just in front of you and biased towards the kerb nearest you. They also allow you to be seen clearly, but without blinding oncoming vehicles or those in front of you. When there is no other traffic to blind, the headlights should be switched to main beam, to give you the best view ahead and early warning of dangers. A blue light on the dashboard warns you when your headlights are on Main beam and blinding. If you have your headlights switched on and there is NO blue light, then your headlights are on Low beam.

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