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There are no extra fuses for your trailer lights. If you have the towing package (and you do) the trailer lights run through your regular fuses (tail, brake, turn).

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Q: Which fuses control the trailer lights in a 2004 Ford Expediton?
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Why do truck turn signal lights work but not the turn signal lights on the trailer?

There are separate fuses for trailer signal lights in main fuse panel

Are the horn and trailer lights on the same fuse for a 2002 avalanche neither work?

The 2002 Chevrolet avalanche horn and trailer lights have different fuses. The fuses can be found in the fuse box. The location of the fuses can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

2004 f350 lights for trailer not working?

check fuses under the hood

Why don't the clearance lights on the trailer work when connected to the trailer harness all other lights on the trailer work?

Check your fuses and look for a dead-short on the tail light wire (probably brown).

What do fuses in 1989 Mercedes 300 control?

The fuses in the 1989 Mercedes 300 control things like the lighting system, the door locks, the wipers, and the instrument gauges. The fuses also control the trunk latch and the turn lights and brake lights.

Tail and dash lights out. Where do you find the fuse for them on a 1997 Toyota 4 Runner Could this be related to boat trailer lights going under water?

Check the four fuses that are behind the seat that support the boat trailer lights.

What causes fuses to blow on tail lights 1990 buick centry?

A short to ground causes all fuses to blow. If you have a trailer connecter then start there first.

Why is my 02 Blazer stalling out when I start it also panel lights dim and fuses blow and trailer lights to not blink as they should when towing a trailer and interior lights dim randomly?

Check your alternator it could be malfunctioning. Sometimes it gives you warnings like this.

Trailer lights dont work when vehicles light are turned on?

Check that the wiring between the truck and the trailer are connected. Unplug them and then plug them in again. Also check the fuses under the dashboard (if it is a moving truck, there are also fuses under the hood) to be sure they are ok. Finally, check the bulbs in the lights.

Why would the fuses for the parking lights and dash lights keep blowing out on a 1994 Explorer?

Check the plug-in for the trailer lights, if it has one. If not, check the Headlight switch. It probably has a burnt wire.

How do you repair tail lights on a 1989 F150 We have changed the bulbs and fuses?

Does it have trailer light wiring also? check that too.

Is there a fuse for a factory installed trailer wiring harness on a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 The lights work on the truck but no power goes to the trailer?

Open the hood and look in the engine compartment. On the forward left side (as if you are looking forward from the steering wheel) there should be a fuse box. The cover should pry off with finger pressure. On the inside of the cover is a diagram of fuses. Look for a 15A fuse that says "Trailer running/clearance lights". Pull it out. If there is any discoloration or sign of burning, replace it. This should give you power to the trailer. If you have any other lights out on the trailer, check some of the other fuses. Turn/stop/ back up lights have fuses in this location.

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