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Which game is better just dance 3 or Michael Jackson the experience?


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personally i think Michael Jackson the experience. but play both and you will get your answer

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No one in the world except Michael Jackson is the best in dancing

Different types of dance. Michael Jackson is a legend and wins with the moonwalk however.

Michael Jackson The Experience is the name of the Wii game.

No, Michael Jackson taught Michael Jackson how to dance. Period. Dot. The End!

While no one can dance exactly like Michael could, there is a video game called Michael Jackson : The Experience. You can find it on the Wii, PS3 and the XBOX 360.

Yes it can teach you how to dance like Michael Jackson

Omarion Is The King Of Dance & Michael Jackson Is The King Of Pop

Michael Jackson was very shy and very timid. In an interview with Bashir,Bashir asked Michael to teach him how to dance and Michael revealed how shy he was.Yes he is a very shy if you saw Michael Jackson interview with Oprah Winfrey he is very shy to dance for her.He was at first then he got better.

Yes. Michael Jackson did make his own dance moves.

There is no comparisons The KING OF POP MICHEL JACKSONS

He does what's called the MICHAEL JACKSON DANCE! He pretty invented what he and his sister Janet called "military style dance"

NO James brown only inspired Michael Jackson to learn how to dance

Michael Jackson learned how to sing and dance

Michael Jackson inspired Chris Brown to dance. Michael Jackson is Chris Brown's idol.

Just copy Michael Jackson :)

Michael Jackson was considered as the king of dance.

Of course its Michael Jackson.No one can dance better than Michael Jackson.Michael Jackson is an awesome dancer, while Justin Bieber just plain sucks.No one in this world can dance better than MICHAEL JACKSON . coz he is the KING OF POP.You bet he is.I have to agree. The most famous person ever, I am afraid he will always be the best.Micheal Jackson.Micheal Jackson. It depends how you look at it. Michael Jackson is the best to a lot of people, even Justin Bieber But to compare them against each other, that's like comparing country music to dubstep or rock.Yes micheal Jackson is better than Justin bieber because he got awarded king of pop

No; he is dead. He can dance in heaven with Jesus!!

Because he was an amazing dancer, and he loved to dance. :)

No he did not teach Usher how to dance.

Dance games for the PS3 provides the user with fun and exercise. The best dance games for the PS3 Move system include: Just Dance 3, Everybody Dance and the Michael Jackson Experience.

Michael Jackson was very smart. He is a choreographer, singer, he wrote songs by his own and he learn the dance moves alone.Michael Jackson was a genius in music, dance and entertainment. He is a true legend!

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