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Q: Which gas is evolved when acid is added to lime water?
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What is the test for the gas evolved when sodium hydrogen carbonate is added to acetic acid?

The gas evolved is carbon dioxide. The test is that it turns lime water milky.

Why is lime added to acidic lakes?

Lime is a strong base. When you add a base to an acid it turns it neutral. So by adding the lime to the water after a while it'll turn into precipitation itself and neutralize the acid. This is also known as acid-base neutralization.

Is lime water alkali?

Lime water contains citric acid. So it is an acid substance.

What is the color of lime water when phenolphthalein is added into lime water?

The color is pink with phenolphthalein.

Is Lime Water an Acid?'s a base.

Why is slaked lime added to water after chlorination?

Slaked lime is added to water after chlorination as a coagulant to destabilize the electrostatic charges of suspended particles in the water.

What gas is created when you mix lime water and hydrochloric acid?

Lime chloride

When few pieces of marble is dropped in dilute hydrochloric acid the evolved gas passed through lime water what change would be observed in lime water so what will be the balanced chemical equation?

The chemical equation is:Ca(OH)2 + CO2 = CaCO3 + H2O

What is action of salt on lime?

Salt on anything draws out the water. In the case of the lime, the acid remains.

Is lime water an acid or an alkali?

Lime water is alkali because it is a navy blue however it turns dark green.

What type of acid does carrot juice have?

Carrot Juice contains citric acid which is from the lemon or lime juice added to it to preserve it.

What is the purpose of using lime water during the reaction of the acid sample with marble chip?

when the acid sample reacts with the marble chip, a gas will be produced. the lime water is used to identify the gas. lime water produces a precipitate when reacted with CO2 gas.