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Females usually experience an increase in body fat during puberty as a secondary sex characteristic.


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A penis is not a secondary sexual characteristic. It is part of the human body before maturing. Pubic hair, facial hair and the adams apple all come once puberty has began.

The primary male sexual characteristic is the ability to produce sperm (ejaculate), all other visible changes are secondary male sexual charcteristics. Things such as ... pubic hair growth, armpit hair, chest and body hair, facial hair, deepening of voice, growing taller and increase in muscles etc.

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It depends on the context. Gender is often used interchangeably with the word sex to refer to what physical sexual characteristics and body parts you have. In transsexual and transgender circles, the word sex refers to the body, and the word gender refers to your nature and who you are. A new understanding in such communities splits this usage of gender into gender identity and gender role. So gender identity refers to who you are, while gender role refers to the things associated with gender in society. So gender identity might be inborn, while gender role is most certainly cultural.

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