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Q: Which gets you cleaner a sponge bath or a shower?
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What kinds of reviews does Bath Fitters receive?

The kind of reviews that Bath Fitters gets are reviews that are about a recent conversion someone purchased for their bath or a newly customized shower shower design they received from the service of Bath Fitters.

Problems with shower plumbing and how to resolve?

I need some work done on some shower plumbing, maybe. No matter how many times I use drain cleaner, it always gets clogged within a few days. What am I doing wrong? Should I hire an expert?

How do tube sponge get their food?

A tube sponge gets their good from a fliter in there mouth. ( The fliter is there mouth)

What is a flea bath?

A flea bath is a bath that gets rid of any fleas that are on the dog.

When do you change the water during sponging?

When giving a sponge bath, the water should be approximately 115 degrees. As the patient is bathed, the provider should notice if the water gets cool and change it as it will be far colder to the patient.

Can shower gel be used as a handwash?

Shower gel and Liquid so are similar, however liquid soap is like bar soap. Shower gel has more moisturizer in it and make the skin wetter..wet skin gets cleaner..some regular soap drys the skin out. Believe that it all depends on who makes it, how its made, and how your body reacts to is.

What gets more dark as it gets cleaner?

black shoes

What does sponge bob get sick to?

he gets sick to seweed

What happens if a parakeet gets wet?

They flap their wings and dry off, if it's just water. If somehow you got soda, cleaner, or just about anything other than water you should give the bird a bath.

What happens to your penis when you shower?

it gets wet

In the episode Dumped where Sponge bob gets a new snail what is the grouchy one he gets?

larry the snail.

What is a sentence with the word bath?

She filled the bath with soapy bubbles.The bird was splashing about in the bath.My dog always gets excited when it is time for her bath.