Which god would you pray to if were a greek farmar?

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How would you describe the ancient Greek god Zeus?


Would the ancient Greeks pray to Hades?

Answer . The ancient Greeks respected Hades as the god of the underworld - the afterlife. But they preferred to be alive than dead, so were unlikely to pray to him or worship him.

Why did Greeks pray to gods?

For the ancient Greeks religion was not separate from culture or reality. They found the god and goddesses in their experience and adjusted their lives to the demands of the deities. All public and private events involved the deities because their favor was sought . The ancient Greeks felt that i ( Full Answer )

How would you say many gods in greek?

The chief gods of Greek mythology were commonly referred to as the Pantheon. πολλούς θεούς this is the way to write 'many gods' in greek.

If Jesus was God why did he pray to God?

The trinity is really difficult to get a grasp on and I don't think that anyone will ever really get it until we die. My understanding is that while God is ONE in substance, He has THREE parts, each playing three roles. Jesus, while on Earth, submitted to God the Father. His life was to quench the w ( Full Answer )

How do you pray to God?

You merely talk to him. There is no special prayer or position that you have to be in. Yes, that is right. Except it all depends on the type of religion that you practice. Each religion has a different way to pray. Some ways to pray are indifferent from plain christian like catholics do the sign of ( Full Answer )

Did the Greeks pray to the gods?

Yes, the Greeks did pray to their gods, though they were mythical gods such as Zeus, the head of the gods.

Why would you want to pray to God?

To build a relationship with Him. . To ask for help, guidance, and understanding . To express regret and request forgiveness . To express concerns, gratitude and appreciation.

Did God pray?

No. To whom would God pray? He is the Creator and King and Ruler ofall. There is nobody above nor like Him. God has no need to pray.He is beyond perfect and powerful. In fact, He does not need us inorder for Him to survive, though we need Him in order for us tosurvive.

Did Jesus prayed if he did who did he prayed to if he is God?

Jesus is God and prays to his father God, keeping relationship with Him and the Holy Spirit God as well.. When Jesus was human he was more like god than everyone else, but he needed advice from his father, (God) he prayed for help along his journey. he really wasnt God in a different form, he was m ( Full Answer )

Which god would a unattractive 20 year old woman who is not yet married pray to?

The one and only God of the universe. He created you and he loves you and he would love to help you. I know you have probably gotten this a lot, but it is absolutely true for The Lord. I would recommend getting yourself an NLT bible from your nearest christian book store. and try to find a good chri ( Full Answer )

Which roman god would men pray to?

Any god. It won't really matter. I will depend on what they are praying for. Here are some examples: Man in love: Aphrodite (Venus) Man of the past, present, or future: Janus Man of wisdom: Athena (Minerva) Man of the water: Posiden (Neptune)

What did the ancient Greeks pray for or expect from their gods?

Everything! Good Harvest Victory in War Safe Travels Good Entertainment/Theatre Good Wine Money/Wealth Good fortune and luck Bets/future telling Good Hunts Fun times children lovers excitement long lifes freedom, EVERYTHING WAS THE GOD"S FAULT

Did the Greek gods answer when the Greeks prayed?

The Norse, Greeks and Romans had a different relation with their gods than some present day religions. The gods of those cultures basically ignored humans except as a form of entertainment. The gods were forever stirring things up, mating with mortals etc. There was some praying going on, but the ma ( Full Answer )

What Greek god would you affiliate Poseidon with?

I'm not quite sure what you're asking here, so I'll just give you every god that relates to Poseidon. His Roman equivalent is Neptune. His wife was Amphitrite, and her Roman equivalent was Salacia (she is a fairly minor goddess). His parents were Cronus and Rhea, both Titans. His siblings are the o ( Full Answer )

What would greek god Apollo say?

The Greek God Apollo would say many different things, if he were a human. He gives advice to people in need through high priestesses who usually responded in a riddle, hard to decipher. The high priestesses would take drugs that would seemingly make them go into a trance, thus communicating with Apo ( Full Answer )

Why you pray god?

It's the preferred for of communication. You pray for what you believe you can change in a life, you can pray for your sanity, for your health, for your parents, grandparents, children, you can also pray to understand the bible before you open it to any page. You can practically pray for anything e ( Full Answer )

How did Greeks pray to their gods?

The same reason you pray to your god. The acient Greeks thought that there were many gods. But modern Greeks don't believe it.

Why would people pray to the god nefertum?

Nefertem's arrival on the mythological landscape coincides with thevery beginnings of the world. In this particular creation myth (andEgyptian mythology possesses several versions of the origins ofEarth and humans), a giant spectacular lotus emerges to float aloneupon the primordial waters of Nun. O ( Full Answer )

What would the Greek gods job be today?

All the gods will still be the same, except maybe we'll have a god of the Internet, or goddess of You Tube. Read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians if you want to know about modern day Greek Gods

Why would the Greeks pray to Nyx?

Well, Nyx was the personification of night, so perhaps they prayed for a safe night's sleep or the safety of those who worked at night.

What did Greeks believe that the gods would do for them in their daily lives?

That depends on the god, really. Most common Greeks would pray and sacrifice to the goddess of the home and hearth, Hestia, and she would protect the family from evil. If you prayed right most gods would... Demeter would keep your crops from dying. Poseidon would grant you safe travels at sea ( Full Answer )

What would happen to a Greek if they did not worship the gods?

they all die so peace out since these gods were proven NOT to exist, then science would have advanced because the curiosity that was supressed back then would not be supressed so badly. they would have also formed the first truely atheist civilization because they would not have worshipped any gods. ( Full Answer )

What would medusa the greek god use her powers for?

Medusa isn't a Greek Goddess, and she doesn't have any powers, except if you mean the 'turn into stone when you look her in the eye' thing. That was only a curse by Athena because Medusa and Poseidon were making love in one of Athena's temples, and Athena is a virgin goddess.

Can God pray?

He has no one to pray to, he probably just hopes his creations live up to their potential.

Would the Greek gods be around in 2011?

As the "Classic Mythology" - this being Greek myths - have been taught since the founding of America, and will be continued to be taught: yes the Greek gods and goddesses will be around in 2011.

What would the Greeks do to ensure the gods would protect them?

Sacrifices and prayer were the most common means. Even in ancient Greece though, human sacrifice was abhorred. People would regularly visit the temple of their patron God or Goddess and pray and sacrifice animals. a lot of times they would leave offerings and stuff to them lik cheese or gold or f ( Full Answer )

Why would Greeks pray to hades?

For example: To make ensure that their deceased relatives would receive a happy life in the Underworld and to beg for him not to have them die when they are sick.

Which greek god would help with your hair?

A Greek Goddess that would love to help anyone do their hair, for any occasion, would be Aphrodite. She is the Greek goddess of love and beauty .

Where would you find the god Dionysus in ancient Greeks?

well i believe this god, Dionysus in ancient Greece among the others is the god of wine. believe it or not. but i don't believe you could find him but i would guess in the wine ;) but yes it is true Dionysus is the god of wine.

Where did people pray for Greek gods?

People (ancient Greece) prayed in temples. Almost every temple was dedicated to one god/goddess at a time, ex. The Parthenon (Athena). Hope that helps!

Why did the ancient Greeks pray to the gods and goddesses?

fertility, crop growing, human sacrifice to diana, she was the god of fertility. every time leap year would occur, there wiuld be males and females that were virgins sacfificed to to gods , especially diana , who ruled venus.In ancient Greece, ones who gave their lives,this was the ultimste reapect ( Full Answer )

What roman god would a bad person pray to?

The ancients, either good or bad, would pray to the god who had jurisdiction over whatever he wanted. For example, if a man wanted to have good luck, he would pray to the goddess Fortuna; if he wanted a safe sea journey for either himself or his goods, he would pray to Neptune. Remember, the ancient ( Full Answer )

How to pray to god?

Praying to God entails reading Bible scriptures and worshiping withfellow believers in churches and other designated places.