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Q: Which group of people did the freedmens bureau help?
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What problems did the freedmens bureau help solve?

to provide emergency relief to people displace/wounded in war

How did freedmens bureau help African Americans economically?

They provided schools to educate workers.

The Freedmen's Bureau did?

the freedmens bureau help blacks transition from a slame to a free american citizen, by building schools, hospitals and many other things!

Why was the freedmens bureau establish by congress during southern reconstruction?

to help former slaves obtain food, shelter, clothing, and education

After the Civil War the Freedmen's Bureau was set up primarily to help which group of people?

Black people,that is the former slaves.

After the Civil War, the Freedmen’s Bureau was set up primarily to help which group of people?

Black people,that is the former slaves.

What group formed to help newly freed slaves after the civil war?

The group is called the Freedmen's Bureau.

Why was the freedmens and bureau established?

The Freedmen's Bureau was established in 1865 to assist newly freed African Americans and poor whites in the aftermath of the Civil War. It provided food, housing, medical aid, education, and job training to help them transition to freedom and citizenship. Additionally, it aimed to settle disputes between landowners and former slaves and help with the transition from slavery to freedom.

What was the purpose of the veterans bureau?

to help people to get them to help their pets and animals in the zoo

What group was formed to set up to help former slaves adjust to freedom?

The Freedman's Bureau

What types of issues can the Citizens Advice Bureau help with?

The citizens advice bureau works to help people of America to understand their legal rights and responsibilities. They help support people through legal and economical difficulties.

What was one goal of the freedmens bureau?

To provide food,clothing,and medical to former slaves