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Which hormones affect acne in woman?


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July 19, 2009 4:51PM

Androgens -- testosterone in particular. Your estrogen levels drop around the time before your period and you may notice that's when you get pimples. As estrogen drops, testosterone naturally rises --lucky you, you get pimples!

If you are a woman in your mid life (30's ) the best way to make sure your body is in balance is to request a hormone profile from your obgyn. This is a simple blood test drawn at certain times of the month (your doctor and you can figure that out) and then reveals what levels your estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and other hormones (thyroid) etc... are and if they are correct. Not only can an imbalance cause adult acne, but also can cause depression (too little estrogen affects seratonin --- too much progesterone can also cause depression symptoms) -- so, it's really important to know your levels so you're not being incorrectly treated for something that could be another.