Which ice cubes melt faster in sprite or water?


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Sprite. Bubbles allowing the heat to conduct with the solution more vigoresly.

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Ice cubes don't faster in cold water because the temparature of cold water is low, ice cubes melt faster in high temparature.

Drinks are liquid and cannot melt. Perhaps you mean the ice cubes ?

Coke and sprite have higher melting points than water.

Water has a higher temperature in ice causing it to melt faster.

Ice cubes will melt faster in hot water, as the heat transfer is higher from hot water to an ice cube in comparison with cold water. You can try it!

No, ice cubes melt the fastest in hot water.

Personal observation lemonade will melt faster because of very few ingredients in it than sprite .

Ice cubes will melt faster in darker colour water than lighter colour water

It actually melts faster in DIET cola.


yes ice cubes do melt faster with different objects in it like hoter objrcts will melt it faster tho

The ice cube will melt faster if it was previously dunked in water. Ice cubes will melt when they are placed in liquid since water temperature is higher than that of ice.

Because water is a part of an ice cube

milk-it get's warmer faster!!!milk-it get's warmer faster!!!

If Ice cubes are melting in water, the temperature of both the ice cubes and the water will be exactly the freezing temperature of water: 32F, 0C. You cannot change this. You can add heat to make the ice cubes melt faster, but the extra heat will have no effect on the temperature, It will all go to melting the ice cubes.

in your hand because of your body heat

ice is water so water plus water equals more water!

Ice cubes melt faster in hot water. Hot water has more heat energy to overcome the forces of attraction between water molecules in ice. Go look up the kinetic particle theory.

Can somebody please help me with this question? Does ice cubes melt faster inside or outside temperatures?

Ice cubes melt faster in a more heated place or situation.

well yes and no because of the temperature cloudy ice cubes melt faster when near something like cheese and with clear ice cubs they melt faster with mushroom scent therefore cheese is more common so cloudy ice melts faster It depends on two things. 1) it depends if the composition of water has something added to it other than water. 2) it depends on what the air temperature acting on the surface of the cubes.

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