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Q: Which industries do well in a recession?
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Impact of recession on small scale industries?


Industries most and least affected by recession?

One of the industries most effected is the construction industry as they are not paid for their work until after it is done, and so they have to cover all of the costs themselves first. Also due to the recession people and companies are putting of construction until they are better able to afford it. The industry that has done extreamly well in the recession is the safe sex industry as people are less able to afford to have children.

List of jobs in the travel and tourism industry?

One of the booming industries during the recession.

Who bought centra flo industries inc from Welling Alberta?

Nobody. We closed shop during the recession. Tony Sauve

What are the Effects of recession on banking industry?

The Recession in the banking industry has adversely affected the cash flow for the industries. When industries cannot raise funds for their expansion or operation then the industrial output would come down. This in turn would affect the GDP of the nation. It may affect the employment situation in the country also.

What kind of Industries are Most Sensitive Indistrives?

The industries where the demand and employment are very prone to business cycle over time are the most sensitive industries. These industries are characterized as cyclic and the degree and timing of economic fluctuations are very wide. Sometimes the industries who recover fastest from recession may also feel the impact of downturn earlier and more strongly than other industries.

What is the effect of recession on Indian economy of all sectors?

recession : definition recession : origin of recession recession : impact of recession on Indian economy recession : suggestion recession : opportunity

Why IT's industries are still in boom inspite of the recession?

work at home and the health care industries because people always need extra income and are always getting sick. hope that helps.

Are there many hospitalist jobs in this economy?

At the moment there are very few hospitalitis jobs. The travel and hospitality industries have bee hit hard in the recession.

Most affected countries during recession?

In the recent recession the main affected countries are The U.S.A ,Europe, Japan and China and Asia as well.

What are some major industries in Ohio?

One major industry in Ohio is the automotive industry. The automotive industry was hit hard during the recession in the United States.

Industries of Greece?

Which kind of industries? Well, based on statistics, the greatest industry in Greece is shipping.

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