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Allianz Life Insurance of North America has been a leading company for many years.

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Which type of insurance is sometimes used to guarantee the payment of a mortgage in case the insured dies

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Q: Which insurance company can offer a good annuity?
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What products does the Direct Insurance Company offer?

The Direct Insurance Company offers cheap motorcycle and car insurance. They also offer rental and home insurance at the same good rates as their car and motorcycle insurance.

Is allianz car insurance a good company?

"Although Allianz is an insurance company, it doesn't offer services for car insurance. The company mainly specializes in life and corporate insurance."

What is the best company to get my car insurance from if I live in Philadelphia?

Allstate insurance company has some resonable auto insurance rates and they offer good customer service.

Do customers say good things about Preneed life insurance company?

Preneed life insurance is a specialized form of life insurance or annuity used to fund the predetermined expenses of a funeral. It can be helpful.

Do I really need to have insurance for my annuities?

Insurance is not always necessary; it is always a good idea to have, though, because no one really can predict the future. Because annuities are contracts with insurance companies, they aren't FDIC-insured like savings accounts. The best insurance for an annuity plan is to pick a reputable insurance company to issue the annuity.

What companies offer group health insurance?

Most companies offer group health insurance. As an employer it is normally a good thing to offer a group health insurance plan as it is cheaper for the company and needed by the employee.

Is Freeway insurance a good insurance company?

Freeway insurance is really more of a comparison company. Freeway insurance is only offered to California state residents. They offer policies from over 20 different carriers. They do offer Multi-policy, multi-car, good driver, and student discounts.

Is Worldwide Health Insurance a good insurance to have?

"Yes, worldwide health insurance is a very good insurance to have because this company is reliable, and they offer great prices, especially for family plans."

What kind of insurance does Sheilas Wheels offer?

Sheila's wheels only offer one type of insurance. THis type of insurance is an auto insurance. You may be able to get some really good deals from this company.

What is a good pet insurance company?

All of the major insurance companies will now offer pet insurance. You can go with a specialist company though like VPI Pet Insurance if you want the top coverage.

What company is best for a free home insurance quote?

There are many good home insurance companies, but Geico is particularly well known for their home insurance service and they offer free quotes. Allianz is another good company.

What companies offer burial insurance?

Most life insurance companies will offer burial insurance as well. You can find a good sized list of companies at (

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