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Put simply, the liver in children and adults acts as a filter.

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What function does the liver have in the human body?

The liver mainly breaks down toxins from the bloodstream.

What is the liver function in human body?

The liver is like the body's filter, it removes chemicals from the body.

How many jobs does the liver have?

The human liver performs a variety of tasks within the human body. For instance, the liver aids in digestion and the function of the immune system. Additionally, the liver aids in metabolism.

What is the function of a liver in a frog?

The liver of a frog functions the same way as a human liver. It secretes bile needed for the digestion of fats.

What color is the liver of A shark?

A shark liver is a pinkish reddish color just like the human liver is. A sharks liver has the main function of storing oil.

Can you grow a human liver from a portion of a human liver?

Inside the body you can - "spilt livers" (pieces of liver from adults) are regularly used for child's liver transplants, if a suitable size donor is not available. The piece of liver grows as the child grows, reaching a normal size. (But I don't know if the lobes appear in the same way that you would expect on a standard liver).

How long can you live without a liver?

A human being cannot live more than a few minutes without a functioning liver. During a liver transplant operation, a machine substitutes the function of the liver

What is the function of the heart in the human body?

it pumps oxygenated blood and nutrients through the liver and other organs in the body to enable them to function properly.

Are red blood cells produced by adults primarily in the liver?


What is the role of the liver in fat metabolism?

it play an important function in human body as it helps in digestion of fats.

An organ such as the human liver is made up of specialized that work together to perform a specific function.?


What is the function of the liver-?

The function of the liver is to clean blood, detoxifying it of toxic materials.

What function of the liver creates hydrogen peroxide?

The peroxidatic function of the liver is the function that creates hydrogen peroxide.

Does a human have 1 liver?

Yes, a human has one liver.

What does the liver function?

What will happen with the failure of the liver

What is liver profile?

A liver profile, also known as LFTs (Liver function tests) are a set of blood tests done to assess liver function.

Do human beings eat human liver?

Yes they can eat human being liver

How many types of primary liver cancers do adults suffer from?

In adults, most primary liver cancers belong to one of two types

What is the function of the liver in drugs?

There is no function of the liver to drugs, but rather drugs affect the liver. My grandma has been on drugs for so long that now her liver is failing.

What type of people does liver cancer affect babies kids or adults?

Primary liver cancer can occur in both adults and children. However, treatment for children is different than treatment for adults.

What liver do they use in liver transplants?

Liver transplants replace a diseased human liver with a healthy liver from a human donor, either living or non-living.

Does Alcohol not impair the primary function of the liver?

Alcohol can severley damage the primary function of the liver. (it can damage the whole liver overtime).

Why are most liver cancers in adults uncurable?

Few liver cancers in adults can be cured by surgery because they are usually too advanced by the time they are discovered.

How does a liver fluke harm its human host?

Liver flukes are a polyphyletic group of trematodes (phylum Platyhelminthes). Adults of liver flukes are localized in the liver of various mammals, including humans. These flatworms can occur in bile ducts, gallbladder, and liver parenchyma. They feed on blood. Adult flukes produce eggs which are passed into the intestine.

What is Elevated Liver Function Test?

What is the numbers forElevated liver function studies mine are 790.4

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