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Clinical doesn't fit Hirschsrung's disease. Smith-Lemli Opitiz syndrome presents from birth with coarse facies and polydactyly.

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What is a sentence for coarse?

That is a coarse piece of sandpaper! His coarse behavior will not be tolerated.

What is the homophone of coarse?

coarse course

Is sandstone coarse?

It is coarse-grained.

What is coarse soil?

coarse soil

What are the effects of Morquio syndrome?

There are several different effects of Morquio syndrome. Some of these symptoms include abnormal development of the spine, a bell shaped chest, coarse facial features, hypermobile joints, knock-knees, a large head, short stature, and widely spaced teeth.

What is a homophone for coarse?

The Homophone for coarse is course

How coarse is cocoa dust?

not coarse at all

What is the homonym for not fine?

Coarse is the word that means "not fine." Course is the homophone for coarse.

A sentence with coarse?

Burlap is a coarse material. She enjoys the feeling of coarse sand between her toes. His coarse beard tickled his daughter's face as he hugged her.

What are the symptoms of acromegaly?

the symptoms of Acromegaly are abnormal growth of the hands and feet, swelling of the soft tissues of the hands and feet, arthritis, fatigue, carpel tunnel syndrome, and coarse, oily skin.

What does the word 'coarse' mean?

the word course differences

When do you use coarse in a sentence?

Example sentence(s) - The salt is coarse ground. She has long, coarse hair.

What is correct more coarse or coarser?

Coarse is better. You could say "More coarse", but not "More coarser".

What is coarse echotexture of the liver mean?

coarse of liver

What is the opposite of coarse?

fineThe opposite of coarse is fine.

Can you give a sentence with the word coarse?

Sandpaper is coarse.

Use coarse in a sentence?

Burlap is a coarse cloth.

What is coarse hair?

coarse hair is thick hair

Is marble fine or coarse grained?

coarse grained

What is coarse language?

Coarse language is bad words.

Is coarse wheat bread the same as coarse bread?


What do you mean by coarse?

Coarse means Rough. E.G Sand paper is very coarse maybe if you roughhouse with your friends that would be an example of coarse. main definition is ROUGH

What is the disease porphyry?

Porphyry is actually a coarse-textured igneous rock in a mass of fine-grained igneous rocks, but in case you meant porphyria, it is a rare disease caused by heme, an important part of hemoglobin, not being created properly.

Will Liverpool beat everton?

of coarse yesof coarse yes

Is granite coarse grained?

Yes, granite is coarse grained.