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Xbox 360 is the best. XBOX 360 is my dream. XBOX 360 is my life.

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Q: Which is better a Xbox 360 or a wii?
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Which is better the Nintendo wii or xbox 360?

Xbox 360

Whats better Wii or xbox 360?


Is the xbox 360 better than the wii?

it depends on what you like. you can answer this question buy yourself.

Which is better xbox or wii?

Wii is better than the discontinued original Xbox although the Xbox 360 is better than the Wii

Which is better a Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 for the graphics. I still like being actually in the game with the Wii.

What game system is better xbox 360 or Wii?

The xbox 360 and the wii have very good graphics but the wii is the best because the wii has better games , i am not saying that the xbox 360 socks its just that the wii is better ( for a family) , it has Mario games like SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL and the wii controls are awsome ! the xbox 360 doesnt have any Mario games , the xbox 360 is cool too you know because it has xbox live its a though desicion but i go for the wii!!

What is better the wii or Xbox 360?

The Nintendo Wii has sold more than the Xbox 360 but, the Xbox 360 has won 'Best Console' 2 years in a row

What is better Wii xbox 360 ps3?

Xbox 360 and PS3 are good, but... Wii wins. Reason: Virtual Console. That is all.

Which system is better wii or xbox 360?

as my opinion of game experience I recomend xbox 360 wii is more of a starters console

What is better Nintendo wii or xbox 360?

Nintendo wii is so much better than the xbox 360 it has movement sensors and good games but the 360 is a good system you should get a wii and a playstation 3.

Is call of duty black ops better for wii or xbox 360?

its not on wii so xbox 360 actually, it is for the wii. the wii is a tad more accurate but the xbox beats the wii a hundred fold. i have both.

Is nba 2k12 for wii is like nab 2k12 for Xbox 360?

No 360 is way better then wii

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