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Which is closer to Alaska US or Canada?


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Alaska borders the west side of Canada, so obviously Canada.


The last time I checked, Alaska was part of the US. Did I miss something?


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The further from the equator and the closer to the poles that you get the colder the climate gets. Canada and Alaska are closer to the North Pole then the northern US. They share a similar climate to parts of Russia as they are both around the same latitude.

Alaska is a part of the US so its closer to the US... technically its 3km from Russia with 2 islands controlled by Russia and one controlled by Alaska.

No. The United States is SOUTH of Canada, where as the NORTH pole is NORTH of Canada. Canada is therefore closer.what about alaska?

Yes, Canada is bigger than the US, including Alaska.

No it purchased Alaska from Russia.

Because even though Alaska is connected to Canada, the US purchased it. At first is was part of Russia. They sold it to Canada, who sold it to USA.

Canada, New Zealand, and Australia were no longer part of Britain's Commonwealth after WW2. Canada worked closer with the US, being geographically closer anyway...and the US Army built the Alaskan Highway THROUGH Canada from the lower 48 states up to and through the current state of Alaska. With Japanese Forces OCCUPYING parts of Alaska, it was important to get troops up there. Canada is PART OF NORTH AMERICA too. Canadians consider themselves to be "Americans."

no, but it borders Canada

Because the US purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867.

Alaska because it is a State and not a country.

The United States lies closer to the Equator than does Canada.

Alaska is closer to Washington.

Canada shares borders with both Alaska and with the contiguous US.

Before Canada existed as a nation, Alaska was owned by Russia. Russia then sold Alaska to the United States.

Russia, which is reasonabely close to Alaska

Alaska, as it is a US state. all the others are North American countries.

Alaska is connected to Canada on the west side of the U.S.

Canada is between the main part of the US and Alaska.

Alaska is a US state, but it is not connected to the 48 contiguous states. It borders Canada. It is part of North America, the major countries of which are Mexico, Canada, and the US. It was originally colonized by Russia, and was sold to the US in 1867. There is no apparent connection of Alaska to China.

Both Canada and the US (through Alaska).

The US does not have provinces. The state of Alaska has the longest border with Canada.

they were closer to it than any other country

Alaska is separated from the lower 48 states by Canada.

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