West Virginia

Which is further south Virginia or West Virginia?


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The state that is further between south viginia and west Virginia is west Virginia.
its virgina


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South Dakota is further west than West Virginia or North Carolina.

WV is further west by about 50 miles.

Moving from West Virginia to South Carolina you are traveling south. There are about 421 miles between South Carolina and West Virginia.

West Virginia is bordered by Virginia to the southeast.

West Virginia is north and a bit west from South Carolina.

West Virginia is north of the equator, so from West Virginia you would travel south. It is a long way south of, as it crosses through South America.

South of Pennsylvania, west of Virginia, east of Kentucky, and south east of Ohio.

No- no US president has been from West Virginia. Further, none of Virginia presidents lived in that part of Virginia that became the state of West Virginia.

West Virginia is bordered by Virginia to the southeast.

The state that I saw that is south and west is West Virginia.

They are called the cardinal points. To the south is Virginia and north Pennsylvania and to the east Delaware to the west is West Virginia

It is Virginia, because if you look at the United States map, Virginia stretches a little bit further west than West Virginia.

West Virginia is west of Virginia, southwest of Maryland, south of Pennsylvania, southeast of Ohio, and east of Kentucky.

If you travel straight north from most parts of South Carolina, you would eventually cross into West Virginia. From the easternmost parts of South Carolina, you would have to go north and a bit west to get into West Virginia.

The US State of Virginia extends further west than either West Virginia or New York.

The United States Census Bureau defines four regions - Northeast, Midwest, South and West. West Virginia is in the South Region.

South of Pennsylvania, west of Virginia, east of Kentucky, and southeast of Ohio.

West Virginia was split from Virginia becuase Virginia wanted to fight with the south and West Virginia didn't.

West Virginia is to the north of South Carolina.

West Virginia is north of South Carolina.

Maryland is bordered on the south by West Virginia and Virginia.

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West Virginia is north and a tad bit west from South Carolina.

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