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1st - Royal School for the Deaf - Derby (Derbyshire)

2nd - Maryhare School for the Deaf - Newsbury (London)

3rd - St Johns Catholic School for the Deaf - Boston Spa (Yorkshire)

4th - Doncaster school for the Deaf - Doncaster (Yorkshire and Humber)

5th - Royal School for the Deaf - Margate (Exeter)

Moterated by Government of ofsed - unit 55 - focused by school for the deaf

Ofsed result:

Royal School for the Deaf - Derby : Grade 1.5

Maryhare school for the deaf: Grade 2

St Johns Catholic School for the deaf: Grade 2

Doncaster School for the deaf: Grade 2

Royal School for the Deaf - Margate: Grade 3

Grade 1 - Outstanding
Grade 2 - Good
Grade 3 - Satisfactory
Grade 4 - Inadequate

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Q: Which is the best Deaf school in United Kingdom?
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