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The best diesel engine technology among these is CRDI.

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Q: Which is the best diesel engine technology Tdi crdi vdi vvt i-dtec.etc?
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What is the best engine oil for a BMW 330Cd convertible 2006 diesel?

Diesel convertible

What is the best engine for Ford Excursion?

7.3 Diesel

Which is a best diesel engine?

I think that the best diesel engine is the Cummin's turbo diesel engine because it has the most powerful and don't think its not because it has six cylinders it has the best acceleration and people use them in all sorts of big rigs and ram 2500s and 3500s.

What was the last year for the 7.3 diesel?

2003 was the last year for the 7.3 Diesel. Best diesel engine ford ever put out.

What engine is in a 1996 diesel Chevy Silverado?

6.2L idi (indirect injection) not the best diesel trucks..

What is Engine oil type ford diesel?

the best oil for a diesel is rotella t 15w 40.

Life expectancty of a duramax 8.1 diesel engine?

Around 750000 miles duramax is the best diesel and will last.

What is the best make and model of a diesel truck to get?

The top makes for Diesel trucks are Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet. The best selling Diesel seems to be the Ford F Series. The Duramax engine seems to get very good reviews. The Dodge seems to have more problems with it's engine.

What is the best oil for a duramax diesel?

Amsoil 15-40 The exact weight the manufacture of your diesel engine recommends. Any major brand of diesel oil will be fine.

Can you jump start a flat battery on a diesel car from a petrol car?

The diesel battery is bigger as it take a lot more to get a diesel engine going. Best bet is to charge the diesel battery using the petrol, connect the 2 and leave the petrol engine running.

What is the best oil for diesel engine 2006 megane?

Any diesel engine should use any 15-40 weighted oil. Reason being is that because it is the heaviest and thickest engine oil and takes longer to break down due to incresed oil pressure experienced by a diesel engine.

What is torque rich condition of an engine?

This pertains to a diesel engine. It's the sweet spot where everything comes together and the engine is performing at its best.

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