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Fixed skimmers are good for small bodies of water that don't have a surge tank. Performance of fixed skimmers will change depending on the height of the water. Overflow gutters don't. But if the body of water is large and you do have a surge tank then overflow would be better.

1 Overflow or wet wall/ deck skimming (This system is generally built in with the pool) is accepted as the preferred method for Swimming Pools and the vast majority of public pools are set up this way as a mater of fact it is mandatory according to most health departments. skimming is the best way to remove pathogens that are harmful to heath quickly from the waters surface put it through filtration and return the water to deeper regions of the pool where disinfection of the water is more effective. However wet wall or overflow skimming requires the use of a balance tank or constant automatic toping up to work properly.

2 The traditional fixed skimmer that is found in most swimming pools (these are made by a variety of manufacturers World wide) is able to keep water up to the filtration system even though water levels move up or down in the pool within certain limits. However they are able to do this at the cost of effective skimming. Too much water,say after rain and it stops working altogether not enough water over it and it starts to suck air (cavitate).

3 Suction-side floating skimmer such as the pulse surface skimmer, This type of skimmer is plugged through a flexible suction hose into the vacuum plate over the leaf basket of a standard swimming pool and adjusted to that pools filtration system, With this method optimum skimming is maintained at all times because the skimmer floats and moves up and down with the water.

The Blue Whale Skimmer� is a safe water delivery sub system that provides high flow rates to enter the filter area of residential swimming pools. It is the first 100 gallon per minute surface skimmer introduced into the industry and it is the key element of a swimming pool circulating system. The Blue Whale System uses Blue Whale Skimmers� with 2½" side ports to provide a reliable, safe, bountiful source of water acquisition. The ultimate results are both favorable and predictable. Good hydraulics means greater flow at less cost. The key indicator of performance is the kilowatts consumed for each turnover. In addition, the Blue Whale System eliminates the need for a main drain. This eliminates the risk of suction entrapment in all new residential pools. Actual results of the Blue Whale System: · Lowered construction costs · Lowered electric bills · Dramatic increase in flow rate · Reduced turnover rates to 2 to 3 hours · Noticeable reduction of chlorine demand · Lowered horse power required · Quieter motor operation · Longer lasting skimmer baskets · Longer lasting filter elements · Quantifies systems in kilowatts per turnover · Provides an extra water source for other functions

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Q: Which is the better type of swimming pool skimmer or overflow?
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A pool skimmer is generally built into the side of or around the top of a swimming pool in order to skim debris from the surface of the water. A pool filter is built into the plumbing in order to filter fine debris from the water itself.

Can you get a fungal infection from a swimming pool?

Of course you can. The most likely place for them to grow is in the skimmer throat.

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There is a special puddy you can buy from your local pool place to fix a cracked skimmer. It dries quickly & its easy to use. You may have to do this yearly. We have had to twice now.

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You can buy a skimmer at Target for about $12.00. I have a small 10ft. pool and it works fantastic

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No your pool is considered a closed system all the water that you add goes only to the filtering system and back. If you put in too much water you will overflow the edges and make your skimmer less efficient. unless you have a floating pool skimmer then the pool will be able to change level without affecting the efficiency of the skimmer.

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They are usually attached with a hose to vac source & float on top.

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pointed away from your skimmer on a slight downward angel

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