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It depends on the situation and there is no definitive answer. In short, your actions should match the threat. If the threat is imminently violent, a concurrent violent response may be necessary. However, acting preemptively with violence is rarely necessary. IE - you don't need to bring guns to a knife fight.

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Q: Which is the better violence or non violence?
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Is violence better than non violence?

no,non violence gives peace and bananas.

Is violence better than using non violence?

Do it Gandhi style and talk it out!

What is the continuum of violence?

Non ceasing violence.

Non violence is good christians and Muslims spread empire and now they have many countries but hindus keep non violence and now you have only one counter now say non violence is good or bad?

Yes. Non-violence/pacifism is good. Unfortunately someone has to take a stand against violence, with violence , or the non-violent people will be eliminated by violent people.

What did Gandhi mean by Better to be violent when there's violence in our hearts than to put on the cloak of non violence to cover impotence?

Violence is any day preferable to impotence. There is hope for a violent man to become non-violent. There is no such hope for the impotent.

How does one fight with non violence?

There are different ways to fight with non violence, this may include peaceful protests or marches. The other method of fighting with non violence is petitions.

What is a sentence using violence is non-stop?

In some cities, it seems as if violence is non-stop.

What is Hinduism practice of nonviolence?

Hinduism practises Non Violence extensively. Non violence is in the rutes of Hinduism.

Who said Meet violence with non violence?

mahatma gandhi.

What is the plural of violence?

The noun 'violence' is a mass (non-count) noun; multiples for violence are expressed as incidents of violence, acts of violence, occurrences of violence, reports of violence, etc.

What is the principles of non violence?

Principles of non violence are passive response to enemies, resisting evil and exercising spiritual aggression.

What is better violent protests or non violent protests?

Islam and quran both are against use violence in any action where violence could have been substituted for non-violent actions there really isn't a better or worse to either one, they are both protests and, according to history, both usually end with getting what they were about.

What is Amore non vi?

Love without violence... or better translated love without the use of force. HamrickCE

Use non violence in a sentence?

Nonviolence for the children of the World. Tell me if this was a better sentence!

What is the opposite of violence?

Non-violence. In some contexts, the opposite would be "peacefulness."

Who said Meet violence with non-violence?

Gandhi said it and also practiced it.

What are their methods of protest?

non violence...

What was Gandhi's ideology?


How do you get out of Ares'?

You can get out of of him by Peace and NOn-Violence

What did gandhiji believed?


Leader who based his political on non violence?

I have no idea!! But i have to say that Gandhi used non violence to gain his independence from Britain. Yep, that's it

Importance for non violence for hindus?

in many Sacred Texts of Hinduism importance of Non Violence can be found. But mainly in Vedas or the highest Scriptures a term called Dharma (righteous living) is found. Non violence is embedded in Dharma (righteous living).

What were Gandhi's religious beliefs and his attitude towards violence?

He was a Hindu who believed in non-violence.

What is the problem with domestic violence?

Domestic Violence although private is still violence nonetheless. A person is being victimized and deserves justice. It is the same with non-domestic violence.

Is there a cure to violence due to video games?

Violence caused by video games is non-existent.